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Exclusive News - 15th June 2012

Original logo, green spine, the Blood of the Zombies cover has arrived

We are delighted to give the world the first look at the cover of Ian Livingstone’s Blood of the Zombies. It was painted by renowned comic book artist Greg Staples who is best known for his work on 2000AD, particularly Judge Dredd. Ian wanted a cover that had a future-retro look.

He wanted to rekindle memories for people who enjoyed the series in the 1980s, but also to bring the style of the cover up-to-date for the modern audience. He worked closely with Greg on the composition of the cover in trying to capture the threatening mood of a classic Fighting Fantasy cover.

The original Fighting Fantasy logo has been re-drawn for the book and Ian has also confirmed that Wizard Books have agreed to put a green spine on it! Blood of the Zombies will be published in the first week of August.

You saw it here first, now pass it on, tell your friends, tweet it (follow @fightingfantasy) and blog it or 'Like' us on Facebook - Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks. The Zombies are coming to a book shop and app store near you soon. 

Exclusive News - 25th May 2012

Tin Man Games secures the iOS and Android Fighting Fantasy Licence

This much awaited news has been hard to keep quiet and has taken all my resolve to do so. Tin Man Games, who are already responsible for 9 digital Gamebook Adventures, including the forthcoming Judge Dredd app, are proud to announce that they have secured the licence to bring Fighting Fantasy to IOS and Android, yes you heard it right, Android as well. Tin Man Games will bring out Blood of the Zombies first to coincide with the launch of the book for the 30th Anniversary in August this year. This will followed up by House of Hell and I am sure they will bring us many more titles. Neil Rennison, the Creative Director of Tin Man Games will be joining Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson this weekend at the UK Games Expo 2012 to make this announcement.

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Latest News - 14th July 2012

"I’ve really enjoyed writing Blood of the Zombies having been inspired by Fighting Fantasy fans everywhere. It is very gratifying to meet so many people who grew up reading The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, remembering it so fondly. I hope that today’s 10 year old, or the 10 year old of the 1980s, will consider my new book a worthy addition to the series - assuming they survive the zombies!" said Ian Livingstone.

Ian will be signing exclusive copies of his new zombie-slaying adventure at Forbidden Planet London Megastore, Shaftesbury Avenue on 4 August 2012, 3-4pm. "We’re delighted to be hosting the launch for Blood of the Zombies and welcoming Ian back to Forbidden Planet," says Danie Ware, who runs social media and marketing at the iconic store.

Blood of the Zombies will be published by Wizard Books on 9 August 2012. ISBN 9781848314054. RRP £7.99

Latest News - 8th July 2012

Ian Livingstone, Jonathan Green, Steve Jackson and Neil Rennison at UK Games Expo in May this year.Blood of the Zombies is now less than a month away from publication. Ian has been travelling a fair bit, including a trip to Sydney, Australia promoting the new gamebook, especially to give a sneak preview of the Tin Man Games iOS app version of the new book. On 26th May he went to the UK Games Expo in Birmingham with Jonathan Green, Steve Jackson and Neil Rennison (pictured left). On the 19th June he was in Sydney, Australia at the Gamestech Conference. He was also at the Games Horizon Conference in Newcastle on the 27th June.

Last week he opened the very successful Games Britannia Video Festival event in Rotheram where he also hosted an interactive Fighting Fantasy session using Inklewriter, an on-line tool that allows you to write interactive stories. On the 11th July Ian will be in Brighton at the Develop Conference and he is confirmed to attend the Edinburgh Interactive Festival on 11th August. I am sure he has many more sessions booked so keep coming back to find out more. In the meantime follow us on Twitter @fightingfantasy, or Ian @ian_livingstone, and if you are on Facebook 'Like' Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks.

Latest News  - 20th June 2012

On the left of the top menu you will now see we have added a Forum.  Be part of the Fighting Fantasy community and interact with other fans, share stories, share your collections and give us feedback. Also registration has been opened again so that those wanting to receive e-mail from the site can now do so. Please see log-in area at the bottom of the grey column to the right.

Latest News - 11th June 2012

James Milne, a trainee English teacher at Bishop Challoner School in Birmingham, UK has kindly let us have access to new teaching aids he has developed to encourage reading and Tammy M. Badowski has come up trumps again with another amateur adventure - Grekgun.

I thought it also prevalent to acknowledge a few blogs that pay homage to Fighting Fantasy, so first up is the Fighting Fantasy blog that contains playthroughs of the Gamebooks and Gamebook Geek. If you want to be featured in this news feature next time, e-mail your details to

Coming soon will be issue 9 of the Fighting Fantazine and much awaited details about the forthcoming gamebook - Blood of the Zombies.

Come back soo and may your stamina never fail!

The Warlock

The Zombies are August 2012!

Ian Livingstone has written a new Fighting Fantasy gamebook in which YOU decided the title of the book!

As we announced in January, Fighting Fantasy is going to be thirty years old this year and Ian Livingstone has written a new gamebook to celebrate this historic event.

In this adventure YOU are kidnapped and sold to a deranged megalomaniac who wants to build an army of undead to exact terrible revenge on those once mocked him. He hates everybody except for his scientists and servants. The scientists were instructed to develop a mutated gene in human blood which would be injected into innocent victims, turning them into Zombies. The madman's henchmen kidnapped hundreds of people who were locked up to await their fate. YOU are about to be injected with Zombie blood. The Zombie army is almost complete, ready to be unleashed upon the world in a frenzy of killing and wanton destruction. YOU have to avoid being transformed into a Zombie. YOU have to kill all the Zombies, dispose of the madman and escape from the castle. To do this you will need a lot of firepower to take down the hordes of Zombies. But don't kill everybody as there is one person who needs to be rescued...

The book was nearly written but Ian couldn’t decide between two titles he had thought up for it. So he decided to use the wisdom of the crowd and hold a vote on the Fighting Fantasy website. Fans were asked to vote for either Blood of the Zombies or Escape from Zombie Castle.

The response from the fans was fantastic, thank you, with nearly 1,000 votes cast in two days. We can now reveal that Ian’s new book will be called: 

Blood of the Zombies

Wizard Books will be publishing a special edition of the book in August, and Ian is hoping to have iOS, Android and perhaps a Kindle version out at the same time too. We will be announcing more news in the coming months ahead of publication.

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