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Illustration © 1992-2009 Martin McKenna
from Return to Firetop Mountain.
All rights reserved.


The infamous Warlock of Firetop Mountain Zagor has long held spell over the dominion of the mountain and up until fairly recently, no one knew his true origins – one day the surviving Dwarves of the city of Redweed beneath Firetop Mountain were there, the next he had arrived, with an army of Orcs and Goblins. Thankfully, due to the sage Ellagrim Grimalkin from Fang, we now know much more about him, and his dark past.

Born to a powerful merchant wizard in Zengis, Oldoran Zagor was identified from an early age as individual with a destiny. As the only child of a powerful wizard known as Gerlekus Zagor, young Zagor was brought up in a life of luxury and opulence never knowing his mother who had disappeared after his birth.

Upon reaching eight years of age, Zagor was sent by his father to the coven of the evil Volgera Darkstorm, a black wizard who dwelled within the wastes of the Flatlands. Here, near one of the many circles of standing stones which litter the plains, Zagor was tutored in the darkest and most dangerous black arcane arts by the depraved old sorcerer. At the school, Zagor became friends with two other apprentices, Balthus Dire and Zharradan Dree, and together the trio became known as the infamous "Demonic Three."

At seventeen, Zagor began to experience dreams of the gargantuan peak of Firetop Mountain and the city of Redweed beneath it, home to a thriving city of Dwarves. After they had all mastered enough power to slaughter their teacher they each set off on the paths that would make them known across Allansia.

After leaving his teacher in a pool of blood, torn apart by the magic’s of the trio’s growing abilities, he headed north, convinced that this Mountain was part of his destiny. In his travels to the mountain Zagor’s dreams of the gargantuan peak of Redweed, and the all but surviving Dwarven city that ran beneath it, tormented his mind. He returned to Fang, greeted his father with a large silver dagger and taking all his wealth amassed an army of goblins, orc’s and other evil creatures from the lands surrounding the mountain. Bolstered by his growing necromantic power, and the hordes of undead he summoned – he laid siege to the Mountain in 254AC.

The Dwarven defences were sturdy, but could not last forever, and they broke with continued attacks from all manner of creatures. Commanded by Zagor flying high above the battle atop his Red Dragon Slythergach the army surged into the caverns, murdering every dwarf they could find. Many of Dwarves fled into the furthest reaches of the caverns - where they live to this day – while others migrated to Stonebridge on the borders of Darkwood Forest. Triumphant, the warlock seized the Firetop Mountain - and the treasure of the dwarves - for himself, hoping to at last retrieve the tome that had tormented his dreams. Years passed, and Zagor became an old reclusive man, with no dreams of conquest. He remained frustrated as the lord of Firetop Mountain, jealously guarding the treasure he seized from the Dwarves and wearily attempting to locate the lost tome that would unlock his destiny.

The ruins of the ancient city of Redweed as well as Zagor’s own lair have been a magnet for adventurers over the years and for this reason many orc’s, goblins, ogres, trolls and a plethora of other dangerous creatures and monsters are stationed around the mountain. The bulk of Zagor's army, however, is now almost entirely undead, although his power over the Hill Trolls is unsurpassed and in recent years he has used their evil nature in his attempt to destroy Stonebridge.

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