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1   Link   Fighting Fantasy Collector
Are you a Fighting Fantasy collector looking for an archive of all known related FF material? Checkout Jamie Fry's excellent fan site whose focus is on the book covers and other collectables.
2   Link   Fighting Fantasy Collector Checklist and Price Guide
Over 50 pages dedicated to Fighting Fantasy books and collectables. Use as an inventory or price guide to value your collection.
3   Link   Icon Books
Wizard Books website. Publisher of fiction and non-fiction for children from 7 years plus.
4   Link   Jon Green Website
Official Fighting Fantasy author Jon Green's Blog.
5   Link   Les Edwards website
Official website of the artist Les Edwards.
6   Link   Tony Hough Website
The Official website of freelance illustrator Tony Hough.
7   Link   Ian Miller website
The official freelancer illustrator Ian Miller website.
8   Link   Leo Hartas website
The official Leo Hartas website
9   Link   Peter Andrew Jones website
The official website of artist Peter Andrew Jones
10   Link   John Sibbick Website
The official website of artist John Sibbick
11   Link   Chris Achilleos website
Official website of Chris Achilleos, artist and illustrator.
12   Link   Iain McCaig webite
The official website of Ian McCaig, internationally renowned and award-winning illustrator and conceptual designer.
13   Link   Edward Crosby website
Official website of Edward Crosby.
14   Link   Edward Crosby Twitter
Official Twitter of Edward Crosby.
15   Link   Dave Carson
The Official Dave Carson Website
16   Link   Martin Mckenna Website
The official freelancer illustrator Martin Mckenna website.
17   Link   Lew Stringer
The official website of freelance comic artist and writer Lew Stringer creator of Derek the Troll from the FF Warlock magazine cartoon.
18   Link   Fang's Finest Emporium
Check out Ken Beuden's superb site filled with an abundance of Fighting Fantasy information. A feast of ephemora collected from throughout the lands of Titan for the great Fighting Fantasy Wiki - Titannica.
19   Link
An excellent website dedicated and online project to bring the worlds of Fighting Fantasy, Lonewolf, Choose Your Own Adventure and other gamebooks to life.
20   Link   Demian's Gamebook Web Page
Check out Demain's Gamebook website dedicated as an international reference guide to interactive books, solitaire role-playing, game-inspired fiction and more! Awesome!
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