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Welcome Adventurers' to the FIGHTING FANTASY : The Lexicon of Titan. This area of the Official Fighting Fantasy website has been created as an ongoing project spanning all of the Fighting Fantasy genre of Gamebooks, novels, role-playing books and magazines whose setting was Titan: the Fighting Fantasy world created by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. Through this alphabetical index, you can explore all the entries held in the Encyclopedia of Titan.

Latest entries April 20th 2011: Brotherhood of Alchemists, Brindle Deep, Brokk’s Brewery, Brokk, Breathing HelmetBonebarrow Blackcoral Reef, Academy of Naval SorcerersGreenhome GantrilDoubloon

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About The Lexicon of Titan

This area of the site is intended to evolve into an illustrated hypertext encyclopaedia of all of the most popular elements of the Fighting Fantasy world of Titan and its colourful settings. As the Lexicon moves forward an archive of every locale, being, item and detail of the Titan world as presented in all Fighting Fantasy products (ranging from the Gamebooks and novels to the AFF and Warlock magazine publications) will develop and evolve into an exhaustive illustrated hypertext encyclopedia.

The FF editor would like to emphasise that the Lexicon is nowhere near completion, and although much of the primary research has been done on the vast majority of FF sources it will remain for the foreseeable future a work in progress. All the sub-indexes and headings are but a small selection of the exhaustive guide and illustrated entries that will be now presented on a weekly basis. As a starting point, in order to learn more about Fighting Fantasy jump into the content of entries available on the left to browse the Lexicon or venture into individual alphabetical information. Please be patient with those entries that have only a short definition or description at the moment.

We hope the Lexicon will become the most authoritative reference to Fighting Fantasy on the Internet and you are welcome to voluntarily advise or correct entry continuity, spelling, grammar or link errors if any are discovered.

Special Thanks

I will provide thanks to all contributors here who help develop the resources needed to expand and maintain the Lexicon. Thanks, too, will go to all those who e-mail me with their suggestions, corrections, ideas and just general support.

Please read our Terms & Conditions for contributions to the Lexicon and website!

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