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FF25: Sword of the Samurai

UK £ 4.99 , Canada $9.99 , Australia $12.95 This edition not available in the United States - click here for news ISBN 1-84046-732-0 FF25 cover

Here we enter another unique Fighting Fantasy gamebook; Sword of the Samurai. This is the twenty fifth book in the successful Fighting Fantasy gamebook series, again written co-operatively by Jamie Thomson & Mark Smith. It is set in the world of Titan rather than their world of Orb and is set in the dangerous land of Hachiman in the Dark Continent of Khul. A region originally designed by Steve and Ian for others authors to develop, leaving the Old World for Steve and Allansia for Ian.

Book Description: The land of Hachiman is in grave danger. The Shogun's control is slipping. Bandits roam the land freely and barbarian invaders have begun to raid across the borders. All this because the great sword, Singing Death, has been stolen from the Shogun. YOU are the Shogun's champion, a young Samurai. Your mission is to recover this wondrous sword from Ikiru, the Master of Shadows, who holds it hidden deep in the Pit of Demons.

This oriental adventure is set in the land of Hachiman in Eastern Khul. The land is cut off by sea to the east, with all other directions being barred by mountains making Hachiman an isolated place. The capital of Hachiman is Konichi, ruled by the Shogun, one Kihei Hasekawa. You are the Shogun's champion, a young samurai warrior skilled in the way of the warrior and the sword.

Being the Shogun's most fearsome warrior, it is natural what his important quest is given to you. Your task is to recover the stolen Dai-Katana, the Singing Sword. It has fallen into the evil hands of Ikiru, and the Shogun's power and influence is waning fast. Whoever owns the Dai-katana effectively rules Hachiman and once Ikiru, Master of Shadows, solves the puzzle of the sword, then the land will surely be overrun be his forces of evil.

Your journey will take you to Onikaru, the Pit of Demons, where Ikiru resides. In order to succeed in your quest once you get there, you will need to uncover the mystery of the Singing Sword itself. Only then can you hope to defeat Ikiru and his evil hordes of warrior ghosts.

As you play a Samurai warrior, you get to choose a special skill before you set off on your adventure. You will either be skilled in Kyujutsu (archery), Iaijutsu (fast draw), Karumijutsu (Heroic leaping) or Ni-to-Kenjutsu (the art of fighting with two swords). Whatever you choose will have a significant bearing on how your adventure in Hachiman unfolds. You also have to keep up the honour of the Samurai warrior; failure to do so will result it dreadful consequences for your quest. Sword of the Samurai is the only Fighting Fantasy adventure set in Hachiman.

About the Authors: Jamie Thomson and Mark Smith

Mel Grant

Bob Harvey

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