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FF22: Starship Traveller

UK £ 4.99 , Canada $9.99 , Australia $12.95 This edition not available in the United States - click here for news ISBN 1-84046-5552-2 FF22 cover

Here we enter the unusual Fighting Fantasy; Starship Traveller. This is the twenty second book in the successful Fighting Fantasy gamebook series, this time written entirely by Steve Jackson. It is a wholly unique adventure that is set within futuristic space.

Book Description: Fighting Fantasy goes into orbit with Steve Jackson’s classic gamebook set in the outer reaches of space...

Sucked through the nightmare of the Seltsian Void, the Starship Traveller emerges at the other side of the black hole into an unknown universe. YOU are the captain of the Traveller and her fate depends on YOU! Will you be able to discover the way back to Earth from the alien peoples and planets you encounter, or will the starship be doomed to roam uncharted space forever?

At the start of the book you discover that an engine malfunction of the Starships Traveller has locked the ship on a ten percent velocity gain. Unable to stop the ship, you attempt to slow the ship down by swinging the ship through the gravitational pull of a black hole. The idea fails but the gravitational pull of the black hole however, sucks you in, and your entire ship and crew are transported to another dimension. Now, as captain, you must find a way to get back to your own dimension or forever roam an uncharted region of space.

The entire book basically sees you travelling the uncharted regions on the other side of the Blackhole as you attempt to determine or find a method to get the ship and your crew home. You travel from planet to planet, get to transport down, meet new alien lifeforms and races and by retrieving information eventually discover a means to return to normal space.

The book has an interesting quest to solve, numerous alternative tasks to test your logical thinking and the added benefit of rolling stats for your crew as well is unique.

About the Authors: Steve Jackson

Chris Moore

Peter Andrew Jones

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