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FF17: Island of the Lizard King

UK £ 4.99 , Canada $9.99 , Australia $12.95 This edition not available in the United States - click here for news ISBN 1-84046-491-7 FF17 cover

Here we enter classic Fighting Fantasy; Island of the Lizard King. This is the seventeenth book in the successful Fighting Fantasy gamebook series, this time written entirely by Ian Livingstone. It is set in once again in the popular setting of Allansia and introduces us to the dangerous volcanic Fire Island.

Book Description:Kidnapped by a vicious race of Lizard Men from Fire Island, the young men of Oyster Bay face a grim future of slavery, starvation and a lingering death. Their new master is the mad and dangerous Lizard King, who holds sway over his land of mutants by the eerie powers of black magic and voodoo. YOU are the only one who can hope to rescue the suffering prisoners but do you have the courage to risk this dangerous mission?

Part-story, part-game, this is a book with a difference - one in which you become the hero! A pencil and an eraser are all you need to make your journey. YOU decide which route to take, which creatures to fight and which dangers to risk.

Seeking rest, you head towards Oyster Bay on the Western coast of Allansia as you know of no place more peaceful and appropriate for your needs. Once you get there and meet your friend Mungo though, you hear that all is not well. The Lizard Men of Fire Island have raided the Bay twice in recent times taking the men that reside there away for slaves to Fire Island.

Your friend Mungo has resolved to go there and, hardy adventurer that you are, you choose to accompany him there in order to deal with the dreaded Lizard King, hoping to free the slaves along the way. Unfortunately, Mungo is not with you for long, as he succumbs to a horrible death early on your adventure leaving you to deal with the Lizard King by yourself.

The problems started many years ago when Prince Olaf used Fire Island as a prison colony for the undesirables of his land. However, realising the downfall of his idea, he chose to abandon the plan and the Lizard Men he paid to be guards rebelled against the prisoners and one Lizard Man proclaimed himself King. The Lizard King then began practising voodoo and black magic, and though most of his experiments went wrong, there were things created such as man-eating plants and giant mutated beasts. With his new raids causing havoc, you realise that you have to try to put a stop to this terror once and for all.

Your journey takes you overground through forests, marshes, plains, rivers and mines, as well as the Lizard King's lair. Along the way you may encounter beasts such as the Hydra, Giant Crab and Hill Troll. Halfway through your journey you discover that the Lizard King is immortal, as he has allowed a parasite -the Gonchong - to grow on his head. The secret to defeating your adversary is in destroying the Gonchong and for this, you need to hunt out the Shaman and succeed three of his six tests. The Lizard King and Gonchong can still be defeated if you fail, although the burden on your task will be somewhat greater.

This adventure involves Ian Livingstone's typical style of punishment for foolish decision-making. You won't get through without the odd tough fight, and connecting all the links together in order to defeat the Lizard King will not be an easy task. Still, can you save Oyster Bay from the hordes of Lizard Men and their evil leader?

About the Authors: Ian Livingstone

Martin McKenna

Alan Langford

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