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FF10: Caverns of the Snow Witch

UK £ 4.99 , Canada $9.99 , Australia $12.95 This edition not available in the United States - click here for news ISBN 1-84046-432-1 FF10 cover

Here we enter classic Fighting Fantasy; Caverns of the Snow Witch. This is the tenth book in the successful Fighting Fantasy gamebook series, this time written entirely by Ian Livingstone. It is set once again in the popular setting of Allansia and introduces us to the Darkwood Forest and the wily wizard Yaztromo.

Book Description: Deep within the Crystal Caves of the Icefinger Mountains, the dreaded Snow Witch is plotting to bring on a new ice age. A brave trapper dies in your arms and lays the burden of his mission on your shoulders. But time is running out - will YOU take up the challenge?

Part-story, part-game, this is a book with a difference - one in which you become the hero! A pencil and an eraser are all you need to make your journey. YOU decide which route to take, which creatures to fight and which dangers to risk.

In this popular adventure, you have been hired to protect Big Jim Sun and his caravans as they head towards the Icefinger Mountains to trade their wares. As you are approaching your goal you hear the shrill call of a hunting horn and realise that it means trouble. Big Jim Sun sends you forward to the outpost where they were to meet the Northmen, and the tidings you bear on your return are not good. You report utter carnage, mention that six men lie dead, and signs of a great beast are evident as huge footprints lay in the snow. Big Jim Sun wants you to dispose of the beast and after a period of haggling you agree to the task for a purse of 50 gold pieces.

When you come across the huge beast that turns out to be a Yeti, a trapper informs you with his dying words that he has discovered the entrance to the Crystal Caves, home of the dreaded Snow Witch. The Snow Witch is planning to use her evil powers to bring on the next ice age so that she can rule over all of Allansia. She must be stopped, and now that he has succumbed to his death you remain the only one capable of stopping her.

Despite the offer of Big Jim Sun's purse you cannot resist the temptation to explore the Crystal Caves. Your journey then takes you deep into the mountains where you will come across some immensely tough opposition in attaining your goal, including the Crystal Warrior and the Brain Slayer. A lot of your success will come down to the objects you find along the way but the caves are filled with numerous traps that you will no doubt fall foul of before you succeed in your quest.

You come across the Snow Witch halfway through your journey in the Crystal Caves. She may be defeated by the use of appropriate objects that you might have found on your way. If something is missing then you might come face to face with some dreadful opponents that even the toughest adventurers will struggle to deal with.

Once the Snow Witch is disposed of you will need to escape from the Caves, which is by no means easy. There are many difficulties to overcome on the way out and even the assistance of an elf and dwarf will fail to lighten the load by much. Even when you escape the Caves, the adventure is not over. Caverns of the Snow Witch is another classic Fighting Fantasy adventure by the superb Ian Livingstone with a superb cover by Les Edwards.

Book Description: The object of this first Fighting Fantasy adventure is to traverse the Firetop Mountain. A vast highland outcrop on the eastern reaches of the Pagan Plains and north western reaches of the Moonstone Hills. Within the mountain is the Evil Warlock Zagor, a ruthless powerful sorcerer who rules over the region with a chaotic legion of orcs, goblins and trolls.

About the Authors: Ian Livingstone

Martin McKenna

Gary Ward and Edward Crosby

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