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Welcome Adventurers' to the FIGHTING FANTASY : Beyond the Pit. This area of the Official Fighting Fantasy website has been created as an ongoing project to present the entire resource of all Fighting Fantasy related monsters and encounters in the series past and present. Through this alphabetical index, you can explore all the entries held in Beyond the Pit.

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These two fields present the standard characteristics that all creatures, including adventurers are defined. SKILL reflects a creature’s ability to inflict damage, injury or death upon an opponent using any conventional and improvised weapons or physical attacks such as fists, feet, claws, talons, etc. The stat is also used for defence to resist and generally avoid minor or major damage during combat and a wide range of other activities such as sneaking, climbing, dodging, or many other actions.

Creatures with a high SKILL are more likely to be successful in combat than those characters with a low SKILL. STAMINA represents how much physical damage, wounds or injuries a creature can sustain before serious injury, unconsciousness or death occurs. It is used as a measures a creatures overall physical health, fitness, and physique. It is the major factor in deciding how much hardship, injury, or disease a character can endure before unconsciousness or death.

All of the SKILL and STAMINA scores provided in this volume are ‘typical’ average values for mature but not young, old or ancient creatures. Plainly, in large encounters of the same creature, meaningful differences and variations may occur in these scores. Such differences will occur due to conditions in a particular habitats terrain or temperature, due to an exceptionally powerful or weaker creature and so on. To further define the monsters you will find an age progression table below that reveals how to personalize them further a little by varying their scores by one or two points. To help build even further atmosphere creatures can be further customised by increasing or decreasing their SIZE by one level, as these will pose even more threat to adventurers. In the end, like in real life, every creature is an individual and taller or smaller individuals will exist. Increasing any creature by one SIZE level will add an additional 1 SKILL point to its initial score. Decreasing a creatures SIZE level by one point will reduce its initial SKILL by 1 point.

Age modifier
Child: -2 SKILL -2 STAMINA
Young: - 1 SKILL - 1 STAMINA
Middle aged: - no change - no change
Very old: +2 SKILL - 2 STAMINA

We hope the Beyond the Pit will become an enjoyable read and you are welcome to voluntarily advise or correct entry continuity, missing alphabetical creatures, spelling, grammar or link errors if any are discovered. A big thank you to the Fighting Fantasy's community for their assistance. Please email your thought or post them within the FF Forum when it goes live again soon. All text published here may not be reproduced without permission. All text downloaded from this web site remain the moral and intellectual property of the FF editors and writers concerned. Some creatures, monsters, characters, places, and other names may be copyright Fighting Fantasy.

Special Thanks

I will provide thanks to all contributors here who help develop the resources needed to expand and maintain the Beyond the Pit. Thanks, too, will go to all those who e-mail me with their suggestions, corrections, ideas and just general support.

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