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Welcome Adventurers' to the FIGHTING FANTASY : Beyond the Pit. This area of the Official Fighting Fantasy website has been created as an ongoing project to present the entire resource of all Fighting Fantasy related monsters and encounters in the series past and present. Through this alphabetical index, you can explore all the entries held in Beyond the Pit.

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This category is an indication of how often a creature may be encountered in its natural habitat and the number met by one to three adventurers. Powerful monsters should only be encountered on special occasions. The scores provided are not a true reflection, and are instead a typical indication of the encounter size for each creature. If a Game Master is running a game for more than three players, the number encountered score may be double or even trebled to take into account packs, (or parties) of 5 to 12 and herds (or tribes) of 12 and more. Where creatures have a score of one, they are considered to be solitary, predatory creatures, and often are either nocturnal (being encountered at night) or opportunistic when seen during the day. They are usually less social creatures than those with a higher score; and are thus often encountered foraging and hunting alone or occasionally cooperating with a mated pair as one waits in ambush as another lures along some prey.

A score higher than three will specify more highly social and organised creatures, generally living in small packs for protection and working with other creatures of the same species. Many of these creatures will usually be stronger and faster than their solitary predators and hunt in daylight. The survival of the creatures will depend upon their cooperation with each other as they defend their territory, feed and care for the young. Creatures with a higher number encountered score will also, depending upon the season and availability, consume a wide variety of plant and animal material and they generally attack prey in co-ordinated groups from various directions (either through a long pursuit or an ambush). This category is also particularly useful to determine whether an adventurer or party of adventurers has found tracks, the lair, sighted or actually encountered the creature in its natural environment. If a number is equal or less than 6 in the number encountered field, 1D6 must be rolled. A die roll score equal or less than the number indicates the adventurer or party has found tracks, the lair, sighted or actually encountered the creature. If is equal or greater than 6, 2D6 must be rolled. A die roll score equal or less than the number indicates the adventurer or party has found tracks, the lair, sighted or actually encountered the creature.

We hope the Beyond the Pit will become an enjoyable read and you are welcome to voluntarily advise or correct entry continuity, missing alphabetical creatures, spelling, grammar or link errors if any are discovered. A big thank you to the Fighting Fantasy's community for their assistance. Please email your thought or post them within the FF Forum when it goes live again soon. All text published here may not be reproduced without permission. All text downloaded from this web site remain the moral and intellectual property of the FF editors and writers concerned. Some creatures, monsters, characters, places, and other names may be copyright Fighting Fantasy.

Special Thanks

I will provide thanks to all contributors here who help develop the resources needed to expand and maintain the Beyond the Pit. Thanks, too, will go to all those who e-mail me with their suggestions, corrections, ideas and just general support.

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