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Z: Beyond the Pit

Welcome to the Fighting Fantasy 'Z' Index. The following index has been created to provide a source for ready-to-use creatures for FF & AFF amateur adventure writers as well Game Masters in creating AFF: multi-player scenarios and also as an archive to provide a complete index of all known 'canon' encounters from the books and genre of Fighting Fantasy as discussed on the Official Fighting Fantasy Forum.

Through this alphabetical index, you can explore all the entries held in Beyond the Pit.

All of the encounters below have been indexed from the following sources: The Official website, Gamebooks, Warlock Magazines, Novels and Sourcebooks and we hope that you are able to find the monster, creature, character, undead, animal etc that you are looking for. The index presently contains over 1500 Beyond the Pit entries fully searchable in the database and complete with detailed characteristics, favoured habitat, alignment, size and descriptions.

Please feel free to contribute and submit information to the 'Beyond the Pit' as we are very grateful when our readers notice any typo, error or a creature that is missing from this collection. Please send us an email with the corrected information or any contributions that present scenario and plot hook ideas for using the Beyond the Pit entries in your adventures. Should you wish to submit detailed information on a creature or monster for your work to become 'canon' you must agree to allow the website editor and the right to use, modify, publish and sell your material as desired along with the name of your source so that we can validate it. Full credit for any contributions will be acknowledge on the main 'Beyond the Pit' acknowledgement links and page.

  • Zagor; Oldoran

  • Zebar*

  • Zeverin

  • Zhanshi

  • Zizzadek

  • Zoalinth

  • Zombie

  • Zombie, Chrabat

  • Zombie, Dwarf

  • Zombie, Elf

  • Zune

  • Zwinian

  • We hope the Beyond the Pit will become an enjoyable read and you are welcome to voluntarily advise or correct entry continuity, missing alphabetical creatures, spelling, grammar or link errors if any are discovered. A big thank you to the Fighting Fantasy's community for their assistance. Please email your thought or post them within the FF Forum when it goes live again soon. All text published here may not be reproduced without permission. All text downloaded from this web site remain the moral and intellectual property of the FF editors and writers concerned. Some creatures, monsters, characters, places, and other names may be copyright Fighting Fantasy.

    Special Thanks

    I will provide thanks to all contributors here who help develop the resources needed to expand and maintain the Beyond the Pit. Thanks, too, will go to all those who e-mail me with their suggestions, corrections, ideas and just general support.

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