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P: Beyond the Pit

Welcome to the Fighting Fantasy 'P' Index. The following index has been created to provide a source for ready-to-use creatures for FF & AFF amateur adventure writers as well Game Masters in creating AFF: multi-player scenarios and also as an archive to provide a complete index of all known 'canon' encounters from the books and genre of Fighting Fantasy as discussed on the Official Fighting Fantasy Forum.

Through this alphabetical index, you can explore all the entries held in Beyond the Pit.

  • Panther

  • Panther, Black

  • Panther Warrior

  • Panther Warrior Priest

  • Parakeet*

  • Parrot*

  • Patriarch Kanestin

  • Pegasus

  • Pelicans*

  • Penguin*

  • Peregrine Falcon*

  • Phantom

  • Phoenix

  • Phororhacos

  • Pig*

  • Pigeon*

  • Piranha

  • Piranhas

  • Pirate

  • Pirate Captain

  • Pit Fiend

  • Pitcher-plant; Giant

  • Pixie

  • Plague Bearer

  • Platypus*

  • Plesiosaurus

  • Pnea

  • Polar Bear

  • Polar Worm

  • Polybleb

  • Poltergeist

  • Pool Beast

  • Poomchucker

  • Porcupine*

  • Porpoise*

  • Possessor Spirit

  • Prefector

  • Priest of Darkness

  • Priests of Elim

  • Prisoner of Ishtra

  • Proto Zombie

  • Prowler

  • Pteranodon

  • Pterodactyl

  • Puffin*

  • Puppets

  • Pygmy

  • Python, Giant*

  • Python, River


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