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Greetings lowly ones! to our Fighting Fantasy interviews area. If you ever wanted to know more about the artists, writers and editors of the Fighting Fantasy series, then this area is for you. Dungeoneer

The interviews page is an area of the site where we go behind the scenes of the series and interview many of those who contributed to its success. We have got many interviews waiting for you over the coming months.

As you can image we get quite a lot of mail here at Wizard Books from Fighting Fantasy the world over. Whether it’s in the post or through email quite a large proportion of these are questions about particular writers and artists, their early work and current projects. Within this area we will try to do our best and present exclusive interviews for your pleasure from some of the very best Fighting Fantasy writers and artists. If you are sitting at home with particular questions you would like to see asked send them to us at our usual address:

The name of John Sibbick is probably well known to Fighting Fantasy. He illustrated some of the most memorable books including the Masks of Mayhem (cover), Crypt of the Sorcerer, Midnight Rogue (int&cover), Shadowmaster (cover), Dungeoneer (int&cover), Blacksand! (cover), and the Allansia (cover).

John's artwork is deeply embedded in the fantasy as well as the role-playing genre. His illustrations, and cover artwork for Gamesworkshop and the Warhammer books produced some of his most outstanding work. I personally liked the cover for the Warhammer Fantasy Role-playing Game. Like the site has done over the last several months with many of the FF contributors, Advanced Fighting traced him down to perform a number of interviews regarding all his past contribution to the FF phenomenon, the Gamebooks, games and novels. Also what about the years after FF demise? and his work at Gamesworkshop?

May I ask John, what are you working on at the moment?

I'm busy on quite a few projects reconstructing extinct animals for museums, books - some popular reference and text books. I'm also working on an article for National Geographic magazine. I've recently completed the artwork for a pop-up book for kids on T-rex.

What can you tell us about that?

This sort of work includes full detailed landscapes, line drawings and anatomical studies of animals from the earliest periods, through to dinosaurs to human evolution. I have to read up on scientific papers and articles and gather reference from the experts before submitting drawings. I hold copyright to most of my work and hire out images for clients from our growing picture library.

Since the demise of FF what have you been doing?

I've concentrated on the above mainly but had fun doing work for Fortean Times and pop-up books, museum dioramas, some TV work.

Can you tell us what are you looking to be working on in the near future?

I'm doing a text book of dinosaur skeletons, some dinosaur paintings in preparation, magazine articles on new discoveries in China and some work for museums soon to open.

What do you think about the demise of the FF series in the 90's?

I miss the FF work. It was fun to work out the drawings - like directing your own movie - in some cases the characters continue throughout the book and you design them from all viewpoints.

Were you happy with your contribution to the FF legacy?

You have to put it into perspective - my stuff was OK but I didn't have the flair of people like Iain McCaig who has great style and made it look very easy. In the end I tried to blend in with other styles and keep the work consistent. I don't think I let the side down!


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