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More FF News - Stormsday 28th Sowing, 302A.C. Year of the Spider

Latest News - 28th April 2010

Variety announces news on Pinewood Studios based shingle Super Team Film Productions has secured rights to produce Steve Jackson's horror adventure "House of Hell"

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Latest News - 23rd April 2010

I'm sure you would all like to wish Ian Livingstone a big congratulations winning his category at the British Inspiration Awards in London this afternoon. Ian was recognised for his contribution to the interactive entertainment industry. The awards honour Britain's top "creative, entrepreneurial and inspirational minds from the worlds of fashion, film, television, arts, science and innovation".

British Inspiration Awards

News - 22nd April 2010

Today we have added Beyond the Pit guides to encounters within Knights of Doom and Citadel of Chaos. Checkout the Beyond the Pit for these new guides.

News - 20th April 2010

On Friday 16th April the inaugural British Inspiration Awards announced its finalists for 2010 amongst them our very own Ian Livingstone; who is honoured amongst the top creative, entrepreneurial, inspirational people that have helped make Britain the great creative nation it is today.

In recognition of an individual, company or group’s contribution to the Creative Economy of Great Britain and the Inspiration that they give to others the winners will be awarded a Boudica; a forward-looking woman who inspired others around her. The Boudica logo with its four shades represents England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland moving forward together as one.

The inaugural British Inspiration Awards will take place (1130am start) on Friday 23rd of April 2010 at The Brewery, Chiswell Street, London EC1.

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News - 19th April 2010


Adventurer's we have a fantastic announcement today that will surely send shivers down your spine and goosebumps up your arms in fear and anticipation. Today we are excited to reveal that Steve Jackson's House of Hell was signed up recently by a Pinewood studio to produce a film based on one of Fighting Fantasy's most popular Gamebooks.

House of Hell

Steve Jackson's horror adventure House of Hell, is one of the most popular of the Fighting Fantasy Gamebook series and will soon start pre-production at Pinewood Studios. Exclusive production rights have been secured by UK based Superteam Productions. Ian Paterson, MD and founder of Superteam Productions announced:

"The first book in the world-renowned Fighting Fantasy series to get the big screen treatment is House of Hell. This is the story of a stranded young couple who seek shelter at an old house in the middle of nowhere. They soon find the house is not all it seems…"

The Fighting Fantasy Gamebook series, created by Jackson and co-author Ian Livingstone in the 1980s, became a playground craze amongst 8 - 16-year-olds around the world. Through a clever and often complex 'choose your own path' mechanic, these stories set the Readers as Heroes, starring in their own unique adventures. The Fighting Fantasy series is still in print and comprises over 70 titles. They have been translated into 17 languages and published in 27 countries. As a brand, Fighting Fantasy has been the most successful interactive book series in the world, having sold around 20 million copies to date. Successful merchandising spin-offs have included figurines, a magazine, eBook, board games, videogames and mobile phone applications. A major re-launch of the books is scheduled for 2010.

"Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone turned down other film and TV offers whilst waiting for the right production company to come along." explained Ian Paterson. "They wanted to find someone able to deal with the interactive nature of their books; a company that could do justice to this worldwide phenomenon. I am proud to announce that they chose Superteam Productions, based here at Pinewood Studios, for the task."

"Superteam will be turning the House of Hell adventure into a major feature film unprecedented in scope. They will also be creating an interactive version on Blu-Ray. This is a huge task and unlike other interactive DVDs, House of Hell will boast new technology that will give the viewer the chance to collect items, fight and even have their game scores uploaded to the Internet.

Further to its Blu-Ray and cinema releases, Superteam will be creating an online version of House of Hell to coincide with the relaunch of the book.

"The online version will be interactive and will allow viewers to choose their own paths like the Blu-Ray version." Paterson continued. "But clues will be hidden within the online adventure. Playing online incurs a small download fee per segment. But if viewers find the clues they can win valuable cash prizes. We are currently in talks with mobile content providers to push the segments on to phones, allowing everyone to download and watch the film."

Superteam Productions are currently screening Actors and Distribution partners for House of Hell.

Visit the House of Hell Movie website here.

Even more exciting news tomorrow....

News - 18th April 2010

Hello everyone, Today we have added more Beyond the Pit guides to encounters within Khare Cityport of Traps, The Seven Serpents, The Shamutanti Hills and Spellbreaker. Checkout the Beyond the Pit for these new guides.

Latest News - 17th April 2010

Today we have added Beyond the Pit guides to encounters within Howl of the Werewolf, Bloodbones and Night of the Necromancer. Checkout the Beyond the Pit for these new guides. A big thanks to pi4t and khaxzan on the official discussion Forum for their help in compiling the Bloodbones list of alphabetical encounters. If you want to help the FF website editor compile the book encounters even faster - copy the format and send your lists of encounters from any book currently not online to

Look out for more Lexicon entries this weekend...

A 1.5 update to Big Blue Bubble Inc's WoFTM and 1.3 update to Big Blue Bubble Inc's DD are now available via the Apple iTunes store and via the Ipod Touch and iPhone updates. The updates fix all known bugs, including those many have submitted to us. Big Blue Bubble Inc also changed DD to adhere to the proper rule set so that players may now eat provisions at anytime outside of battle. Citadel of Chaos is still undergoing some fixes and improvements and won’t be released for another week or more.

Deathtrap Dungeon! Deathtrap Dungeon! Deathtrap Dungeon! Deathtrap Dungeon! Deathtrap Dungeon! Deathtrap Dungeon!

Remember to check iTunes for other Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks!

Citadel of Chaos (Coming Soon)
Creatue of Havoc (Coming Soon)
City of Thieves (Coming Soon)

News - 15th April 2010

Welcome Adventurers, more new Polls are being added today so please feel free to rate the difficulty of each and every Fighting Fantasy Gamebook that I will be placing online on each of the individual Gamebook pages. Look out for more of these in the coming weeks for the older Puffin editions not yet released.

What is the difficulty of The Citadel of Chaos?

Latest News - 14th April 2010

Hello everyone,

Today we are adding as requested by pi4t on the website Forum a selection of new Polls where you can rate the difficulty of each and every Fighting Fantasy Gamebook. Look out for these everyday this week as we add the new Polls.

News - 13th April 2010

Hello everyone, The April newsletter is ready to download - and you should receive your link via your registered Fighting Fantasy members email shortly. Print and enjoy this month's adventures and puzzles!


News - 12th April 2010

Over the coming weeks we shall be adding more Beyond the Pit Gamebook Indexes and hyperlinking Gamebook encounter entries and stats to their descriptions and images in the Beyond the Pit guide. Today we have added the Night of the Necromancer Beyond the Pit index here as well as Bloodbones Beyond the Pit index here.

News - 8th April 2010

FF6 cover

Greeting Adventurers,

Night of the Necromancer and Bloodbones have now been released are are available in all good bookstores and Amazon. Jon Green's latest ghostly Night of the Necromancer is receiving glowing 5-star Reviews so buy the book as quickly as you can. I guarantee it will raise your spirits...

Other great news! Fighting Fantasy has signed up to go to the 3rd UK Games Expo on 5/7 June in Birmingham. The UK Games Expo is an exhibition of games of all types including Board Games, Card Games, Role- playing Games , Miniatures and Computer gaming for the general public, family groups as well as gaming enthusiasts. It is the UKs biggest Multi-genre games show (exhibiting games of all types) with 100 exhibitors, over 2000 attendees and many dozens of games to play.

Wizard Books, Steve Jackson, and Ian Livingstone will be attending on Sat 5th to exhibit their books and visitors can meet, chat and get their books signed.

Games Expo 2010

As well as numerous trade stands there are also many tournaments and organised play sessions as well as costumed groups and children’s competitions.

On Friday 5th there will be open gaming rooms and role-playing sessions as part of Friday Games day. These are held in the adjacent Strathallan Hotel.

The main trade show and public event is on Saturday and Sunday 6th and 7th of June at the Clarendon Suites. UK Games Expo hosts the release of a number of new games from across the genres. We also host National tournaments including the Mayfair Games Settlers of Catan Tournament, the UK Carcassonne Tournament, the Privateer Press UK Masters and a special Schools games tournament.

The UK Games Expo and is held on the weekend of 5th to 7th June Friday 5th (Open Gaming and RPG sessions only – no trade) 12.00 Noon till late Saturday 6th June 10 am till 5 pm (with open gaming continuing in the Strathallan till late) Sunday 7th June 10am till 4pm at the Clarendon Suites Stirling Road (off Hagley Road) Edgbaston Birmingham B16 9SB Website:

Email Richard Denning on Phone: Kevin Townsend on 07986 303175.

Games Expo 2010

Latest News - 7th April 2010

New Polls added.

Latest News - 5th April 2010

Lookout for more amateur adventures and updates later today.

News - 4th April 2010

Oops just realised those pesky Troglodytes tore down the news update for April...he he..have a happy Easter Holiday.

News - 2nd April 2010

We have received lots of competition entries for our Kakhabad art and adventure competitions. Due to the number of fantastic entries as stated on the Forum we have extended the competitions until the end of the month so get have a go at illustrating or writing your ideas and send them to us.

News - 1st April 2010

As you may have read Adventurers the FF Forum is back online. Register on the Forum page (you can't use your site login) to join in fun moderated discussions on the Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks.

At the moment members are currently enjoying an ongoing Fighting Fantasy Quiz, Where do you get ideas for adventures/characters/scenarios?, Stormslayer, So whats the last thing that slayed you?, What hasn't been done yet? and many many more great thread and fan discussions.Do you have an opinion? Any ideas? Join the Forum and post your Reviews and meet new FF friends.

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