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More FF News - Highday 30th Unlocking, 302A.C. Year of the Spider

Latest News - 30th March 2010

The FF Forum is back online...thank you Phil for your assistance.

There's only a matter of days to go now until the release of Jon Green's brilliant Night of the Necromancer, the sixty-fourth original single player FF Gamebook. Another letter has been recovered, its tattered sheets delivered to our doors by an unknown messenger. We present them here for you to make of it what you will...

Night of the Necromancer taster

Night of the Necromancer taster

Night of the Necromancer taster

Mass Movement magazine has run a brilliant article on the history of Fighting Fantasy. FF is featured on pages 58-61. Enjoy!

News - 29th March 2010

More images added to the Beyond the Pit images, we also have an exciting new amateur Adventure Gamebooks Musical Orcs By T.M. Badowski - online later today. A big thank you to Jon Fryer, Oliver Whawell, Shere Khan, Joe McEvoy and everyone else who have so far entered the Kakhabad competition. Don't forget the competitions have both been extended throughout April so get your adventures and artwork sent in.

News - 26th March 2010

This weekend lookout for more amateur adventures..

Latest News - 25th March 2010

Lots of Beyond the Pit images added. More details this weekend.

News - 24th March 2010

Phew...not long to the Forum goes back up adventurers...

News - 22nd March 2010

Welcome Adventurers to more Fighting Fantasy updates. Whilst I am still attempting to restore the Forum, I am delighted to present two more fantastic amateur Adventure Gamebooks Call of the Sirens By Zachary Carango and The Warrior Chain by T.M. Badowski in our Amateur Adventure area. More updates tomorrow...

News - 17th March 2010

Welcome Adventurers to more Fighting Fantasy updates. First of all today I would like to apologise for the delay in restoring the FF Forum. Unfortunately the official website and Forum are both maintained on one database and last week a routine security update on the Forum crashed mid-way through the process.

This impacted the main website as well as the Forum and for twenty minutes the Official website was offline along with the community Forum. The Official website was restored to an earlier back up from the previous day and with support I attempted to restore the forum also. Unfortunately, even though the forum backup is fine, we are having a great deal of frustration attempting to restore the earlier version as updates were made to the website while the forum was down. Had both the website and forum been on independent databases this wouldn't be a problem so please bare with us.

In the meantime, today we are delighted to present another fantastic amateur Adventure Gamebook The Love Cure by Geraint Price in our Amateur Gamebook area.

News - 11th March 2010


Take a look at our new Fan Rules area where you can read a growing collection of fan rules for Fighting Fantasy. If you have any new ideas, send them to us.

Greetings Adventurers today we have added and updated our Gamebooks area with new reference pages. These areas will expand in the future, however for the moment you can now read where all of the Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks are located in Titan and elsewhere as well as discovering the covers of the original FF series from the 80's and 90's. We have also added further FF material pages such as a guide to SteveJackson's Battle cards. If you have scans or would like to contribute to the material area feel free to send in your details.

Also today, we are delighted to present another online Fighting Fantasy Amateur Gamebook 'Hold of the Heartless' by Peter Steven King.

Download and play Hold of the Heartless now!

Enjoy this taster..

Racks of bottles line these walls in this chamber. They also partition the room into a tiny maze of corridors, which you quickly navigate to reach the source of the quiet moaning you heard earlier. There is a man in here, sprawled in the corner of the room. A leafless daisy lies beside him. He mumbles, almost incoherently, so you lean close to hear his words. "She ... loves... me...(hic!)" He says this over and over, his breath reeking of alcohol. A quick uncorking of a few of the bottles confirms your suspicions - they are bottles of wine. You may take one, if you wish. You decide to leave this drunken fool in his stupor. If you head off upstairs, to see what else you might find, turn to 6. If you go into the room with the gurgling noises, turn to 4.

News - 10th March 2010

Today I have been digging up the site's archives and have begun the process of transferring lots of older and material back onto the site before you. Look out for lots of the book Reviews, interviews and more soon.

In the meantime we hope you enjoy the wonderful ‘Dungeoneer – a novel by Anthony Smart in our WRITER'S GUILD

In the near future I hope to also present the work of Jared Milnes and Andre Hansen, whose guides to the realms and nations of the Old World were a popular addition to the

If your reading Jared/Andre please get in touch at dave (at) and I’ll gladly add your material to the site as they were a fantastic contribution to Titan's continuity. I would also like to thank Mark J Popp, for allowing me to post interviews and material of the original fan on many years ago – I still have the original email but sadly your address is no longer valid. The site was a wonderful contribution to the Fighting Fantasy fan community so please get in touch at the address above if your are still happy for me to post some of your site content here for the new generation of fans to enjoy as the material I used I have archived on my original AFF site.

News - 9th March 2010

This month we have a real treat. The unique Market Mayhem Board Game written by Ian Livingstone himself that was first presented in the Fighting Fantasy Warlock magazine. Market Mayhem is designed to give several players the opportunity to take part in a fast action Fighting Fantasy Role-playing Game using unfamiliar characters with unusual objectives. Check out the game and board pieces for download Here.

Market Mayhem

We are also delighted to announce the winner of our Valentine competition winner 'In the Name of love' by Stuart Lloyd. The prizes will be sent soon. Congratulations Stuart.

Download and play In the Name of love now!

Enjoy this taster..

Love. It inspires and drives people to the highest achievements. Your inspiration was the love of your father. As a child, you remember him as a strong and kind man who taught you how to hunt, how to fish and how to swordfight. He was a soldier in the Salamonis army and had to travel a fair bit. When he left, you remember being upset. When he returned, you remember being ecstatic. Then one day, he did not come back. A soldier delivered the news. You remember your mother crying. Your father was killed by an orc called Grumush the Grim in the Moonstone Hills.

This is why you joined the army and rose through the ranks with your dedication. One day, your commanding officer, Lord Capulet asked for volunteers to purge the Moonstone Hills of orcs. You volunteer with relish in an attempt to avenge your father. You march out of the city with pride. You experience weeks of hardship and battle, but it does not quell your desire. Then came the attack on your platoon that changed your life.

The battle is hopeless. The tribe of Grumush the Grim is indeed vast. There are too many orcs rushing into the valley ready to slay your platoon. Nevertheless, the brave soldiers of Salamonis hold their ground and make the vile creatures pay in blood. You are overlooking this battle with your two companions, Captain Escalus and Lord Capulet, the man who commands this army from Salamonis. Tall, imperious, handsome – he is everything a wealthy and powerful aristocrat should be. Escalus is the second cousin of Capulet’s son. He is young, but eager to please his uncle and always ready to charge into battle.

Oh..Happy Birthday to the website editor '40' today.

News - 8th March 2010

Interested in more FF news? Get over to Twitter where Ian Livingstone has just started tweeting!

A big thanks to everyone who sent an adventure in for the Valentine competition, the winner will be announced tomorrow. Checkout the new Sorcery! competitions running during March and April, we look forward to reading your adventures and seeing your artwork!

This afternoon we are delighted to present another amateur adventurer 'The Blackthorne Ogre' by Christopher Challice, a new Crypt of the Sorcerer Map by Nick Folley..(can anyone else draw Maps?) and a rather unusual letter that was intercepted by Brician spies operating in northern Ruddlestone. Make of it what you will...

Night of the Necromancer taster

Night of the Necromancer taster

Night of the Necromancer taster

The Fighting Fantasy Forum is currently unavailable due to updates in the software. Checkout the news for details when it will be back online.

News - 5th March 2010

Our latest Fighting Fantasy Newsletter IS NOW AVAILABLE TO ALL site subscribers. Look out for it in your mailbox with news on NotN, Sorcery! iApp, the ultimate test of your Fighting Fantasy knowledge, news that following on from Night of the Necromancer and Bloodbones in April, there will be House of Hell and Eye of the Dragon in June and then Howl of the Werewolf and Armies of Death in September 2010 and more..

News - 3rd March 2010

Well met Adventurers. Checkout the Official Fantasy competition area here for news on two exciting March competitions.

Also online to aid you on this unique adventure competition and your Sorcery! Adventures I am delighted to provide a small taster of a new Old World Map produced by myself for the website and future sourcebooks, which you may use as inspiration in your adventure. The small taster displays all of the locations ever presented in a FF Sorcery! Gamebook, D20 Myriador module locations, and reference sourcebook set in the surrounding lands of the Vermit Pit at Earth's End known as Kakhabad. Download the map from the Sorcery! Adventure competition page.

Kakhabad Map

News - 2nd March 2010


Welcome Adventurers to the Official Fighting Fantasy website. This afternoon we have a new amateur adventure Fighting Fantasy gamebook by Tammy M. Badowski. We hope you enjoy Deathtrap Raider and a taster is provided below:

The sky exploded as a portal opened. By finding the ancient spell book of Analand, Mara has learned how to use ZED and teleport. She is visiting old Allansia, the Chiang Mai area. A helicopter comes down through the portal and hovers there over the mounds of snow before landing. Snow is whirled and blown everywhere because of the propellers. Mara gets out dressed in her tight thermal suit and furry-collared trench coat. With her rucksack of equipment, she leaves from the chopper and hikes it down the mountain pass as her rides returns to the teleport.

She arrives at the doors of the death-trap Dungeon and inserts a diamond into the lock, locks click in succession, and the doors open. What comes out is cold stale air. Lighting her large glow stick she sets foot inside.

Dull crystals light up and give off a dull light just enough for her to see a bit down the Northern tunnel.

The mission is to attain a blue diamond rumoured to be in the cavern of the Dungeon. She plans on stealing it, returning to her time and auctioning it off to the modern world. Although she has travelled back in time, the dangers are still real in this present time. She has arrived long after the Trial of Champions number four...

News - 1st March 2010

Welcome Adventurers to more exciting Fighting Fantasy updates. Today we are delighted to unveil the forthcoming Night of the Necromancer cover by Martin McKenna.

Les Edwards

There's only one month (thirty-one days, 744 hours, 44,640 minutes, 2,678,400 seconds...) to go now until the release of the newest Fighting Fantasy gamebook and you should keep an eye on the FF discussion forums, Facebook page and Jon Greens official website for some more sneaky peeks between now and then.

But in the mean time, just to whet your appetite even more, Jon has kindly prepared a little treat for you below..

As well as this exciting revelation we also have another amateur FF gamebook later today. Lookout for it...

Today we have updated our Les Edwards Artist Biography area with news that Les is currently making available original prelims of Fighting Fantasy Books - Creature of Havoc (Wizard), Revenge of the Vampire (Puffin) and Skylord (Puffin) and more besides from website. Checkout the Artist Biography area for more information.

Very exciting for Fighting Fantasy fans is the fact that Les Edwards and Dave Carson (Artist Guests of Honour) will be attending the World Horror Convention, which for the first time will be held in Europe.

Celebrating its 20th Anniversary, World Horror Convention 2010 will be held in the historic Regency seaside city of Brighton, Sussex, on the picturesque south coast of England.

The World Horror Convention to be held in Brighton in March 2010. Here is a link to the. Convention website

As well as following FF on Twitter, you can now become a fan on Facebook! Visit the fan page and start writing on the FF wall now!


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As well as following FF on Twitter, you can now become a fan on Facebook! Visit the fan page and start writing on the FF wall now!

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