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This section contains a guide to assorted fan Fighting Fantasy rules that have been posted within the Forum and sent via email.

These rules may help jumpstart any new ideas you have for Fighting Fantasy and help to develop your own amateur adventures that we would be delighted to showcase exclusively on the website.

Everything you see in the amateur fandom section is unofficial material created by fans of the Fighting Fantasy series. Unbuckle your backpack, grab a tankard of Seaman's Grog and take a look around the various sections below to find a wide variety of alternate rules, ideas, and interpretations of the Fighting Fantasy Game system.

NEW RULES 1 by Nathan P. Mahney


Instead of losing 1 Luck point every time I Test my Luck, I deduct 1 point if I'm Lucky and add 1 point if I'm Unlucky. This keeps the Luck score fairly balanced, and stops it from diving to low levels.

strong>MORE DAMAGE!: Instead of inflicting the standard 2 points of damage per hit, I subtract the lower Attack Strength from the higher, and that's the amount of damage done. So if I get an Attack Strength of 18 and my opponent gets an Attack Strength of 14, I'd inflict 4 points of damage. This one makes the books a lot more deadly in general, but it can spice things up in some of the books where the fights aren't so difficult, such as Warlock of Firetop Mountain and Forest of Doom.

FORCE OF WILL: With this one I created the Will score, which is generated as 6 + 2 dice. Whenever you fail a roll (Test your Luck, or a combat round, or anything), you can use your Force of Will to try and succeed: roll 1d6, and add the result to the roll that you just failed - it might be enough to get you over the line. The result of the 1d6 roll is subtracted from your Will - if your Will ever reaches zero, your desire to continue the quest is gone. You regain Will whenever you regain Stamina.

NEW RULES 2 by Getaway

MORE DAMAGE!: A thing I do in games is when my character or my enemy rolls a double six they score 4 damage points. Simple but useful.

1. Stamina is Strength. Weapons are limited by strength/stamina so a high skill, low stamina character is forced to use weapons that do low damage.

NEW RULES 3 by Al Sander

MORE DAMAGE!: Stamina is Strength. Weapons are limited by strength/stamina so a high skill, low stamina character is forced to use weapons that do low damage.

BALANCE OF LUCK: Luck is Magic. Instead of a separate magic score you spend current luck to power spells. A certain amount of luck is restored every time you rest. You also resist magic or overcome others magic resistance using your current luck score. I will probably make some adjustments to this before I actually write the adventure.

NEW RULES 4 by Amberon & Sheppard

MORE DAMAGE!: Make the combat system more realistic, by being able able to aim for certain areas like the head, the place where the sun never shines, or the chest. By rolling a D6 or 2D6s to determine which body part you aim for if you manage to win the Attack Round, and for each body part hit you lose a different amount of stamina or even Instant Death may occur. For example:

How about rolling when you hit/are hit. On a 5 or 6, roll and check below. ON a 1-4, you do normal damage/get hit normally:

1 = Left arm - lose 1 SKILL and 1 STAMINA.
2 = Right arm - lose 3 SKILL and 1 STAMINA.
3 = A leg - lose 1 SKILL and 2 STAMINA.
4 = Head - instant death.
5 = Torso - lose 4 STAMINA.
6 = The blow misses - nothing happens.

If both arms are hit, or both legs, then the adventurer must use 2 portions of provisions to keep going, or otherwise die.

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