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This area has been set up as a reference guide to the settings that appeared within each Gamebook. All Gamebooks and companion books are cross referenced and linked to the Gamebook guides. Enjoy!

ALLANSIA (32 books)


Allansia was by far the most popular of all FF Gamebook destinations. It was introduced in the first FF book and was the setting for the final FF Gamebook. The following list is a guide to those Gamebooks set with the dangerous regions of Allansia.

The Warlock of Firetop Mountain
The Citadel of Chaos
The Forest of Doom
City of Thieves
Deathtrap Dungeon
Island of the Lizard King
Caverns of the Snow Witch
Temple of Terror
Demons of the Deep
Trial of Champions
Creature of Havoc
Crypt of the Sorcerer
Midnight Rogue
Battleblade Warrior
Slaves of the Abyss
Stealer of Souls
Armies of Death
Tower of Destruction
Siege of Sardath
Return to Firetop Mountain
Island of the Undead
Night Dragon
Mage Hunter
Curse of the Mummy
Eye of the Dragon
The Riddling Reaver
The Trolltooth Wars
Fighting Fantasy
Out of the Pit

The Old World (16 books)


The Old World was introduced to us in the four volume Sorcery Epic by Steve Jackson. The following is a guide to all the Gamebooks set within the more sophisticated and developed continent of Titan.

Vault of the Vampire
Knights of Doom
Revenge of the Vampire
The Shamutanti Hills
Khare - Cityport of Traps
The Seven Serpents
The Crown of Kings
The Tasks of Tantalon
Howlof the Werewolf
Night of theNecromancer

Khul (15 books)


Khul was introduced to us in the FF Gamebook Scorpion Swamp. The list below is a guide to all the FF Gamebooks set within the region of Titan known to a few Allansian scholars who know anything of Khul's history or geography as the Dark Continent.

Scorpion Swamp
Seas of Blood
Sword of the Samurai
Masks of Mayhem
Beneath Nightmare Castle
Phantoms of Fear
Chasms of Malice
Daggers of Darkness
Portal of Evil
Fangs of Fury
Master of Chaos
Black Vein Prophecy
The Keep of the Lich-Lord
The Crimson Tide

Amarillia (5 books)


The world of Amarilla is not actually part of the FF Gamebook genre but the FF novel genre that seems to many to have been an entirely separate entity. However, the heroes of the Zagor Chronicles novellas were transported and traveled to the world of Titan in the third book. Amarilla was first created by Ian Livingstone first in the Fantasy Quest book: 'The Casket of Souls.' The Legend of Zagor book also takes place in Amarilla.

Legend of Zagor

Orb (1 book)


Orb was created by authors Jamie Thomson & Mark Smith. There is a series of Gamebooks which are unrelated to the Fighting Fantasy genre that take place in this world called Way of the Tiger.

Talisman of Death

(Other books)


These Gamebooks were set in a modern, futuristic, or horror setting and were unrelated to Titan. There were few sci-fi Gamebooks and they were the least popular.

Starship Traveller
Space Assassin
The Rings of Kether
Rebel Planet
Robot Commando
Star Strider
Sky Lord
Spectral Stalkers
House of Hell
Freeway Fighter
Appointment with F.E.A.R.


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