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More FF News - Fireday 26th Dark, 302A.C. Year of the Spider

Tomorrow we have a new amateur adventure, Titan Gangster by Tammy M. Badowski.

News - 27th February 2010 - Earthday 27th Dark, 302A.C. Year of the Spider

Check out the site on Monday morning, for another exciting reveal regarding the forthcoming Night of the Necromancer.

Today we have a new amateur adventures including Feathers of the Phoenix by Kieran Coghlan.

Check out one of the many grisly ends you will face...

Zalgros beckons you along, and you cannot help but notice that he is shaking slightly. Whether this is due to excitement, agitation or plain nerves from his ordeal is unclear, but you decide to keep an eye on him in case he does anything unpredictable. His house is not far from when you saved him and by the time you approach the front door his shaking has increased tenfold. He hurriedly unlocks the door and beckons you to enter. You put your foot in the doorway...and suddenly cannot move it! In fact your whole body seems to be frozen. With a demented grin on his face Zalgros rubs his long hands together in glee.

"Now you shall receive your gift." he chuckles," You shall live as part of the greatest invention ever: a golem of unequalled power. Your brain is perfect to complete my golem." He pulls forth a long knife and begins to sever into your head. There is nothing you can do to stop the demented scientist from extracting your brain for his sick experiments. Your adventure ends here.

Latest News - 26th February 2010 - Fireday 26th Dark, 302A.C. Year of the Spider

Today we have a new amateur online adventure Termination Trials by George Jenkins for you to download.

Check out the tasters of today's amateur online GamebooksTasters: Termination Trials

You have just entered the city in which the tournament is going to take place. A gremlin giving people directions comes up to you and says “Ooooh! Is the little young man lost? Is he, is he?” You tell her that you are going to enter the Termination Trials. She tells you that no one is a winner in the Trials and everyone dies. It is now obvious that the road to victory is perilous. Has the Gremlin put you off entering the Trials and made you want to go home? If so, turn to 2. If not, turn to 14.

News - 24th February 2010 - Highday 24th Dark, 302A.C. Year of the Spider

Oh my its cold and wet this morning in Salamonis where I have come to research a new outbreak of Tuber-beet plague. While I take a break from the Great Library I have taken the time to add a little something special to the website. A new area we are calling the ONLINE INTERACTIVE GAMEBOOK AREA: where YOU choose the path in a developing online story.

This area of has been designed to hopefully become the main home for budding amateur writers and we will display continuing online interactive Gamebooks created by our fans. If you would like your writing skills displayed in our new online interactive gamebook area then please read the adventure we have added and choose the path you want to take. If you decide you would like to go down a path that hasn't been created, you can create the paragraphs for it. It's just like a PBEM (Play by E-mail), but you can control the main characters and story.

Our first two online gamebook adventures are called VALLEY OF THE ORCS and UNDERWORLD'S DOOM with the first parts by Theophilus and part 2 by Phil Sadler Do you want to add part 3?

More later...

News - 23rd February 2010 - Highday 23rd Dark, 302A.C. Year of the Spider

FF5 cover

Don't forget, the new 2nd series of Creature of Havoc and City of Thieves are now available in all good bookshops around the country and online. Have you got them yet?.

Also today we have two new amateur online Gamebooks Castle of Terror by Chris Bedford, Catastrophe in the Artic by Adam Alex Dundas and Massacre City by Thomas Goodall for you to download. Check them out in the Amateur Adventures area and then let the authors know what you think in our amateur Gamebooks comments blog.

We have also updated our 'Gallery' with a new slideshow and images. Send us your Fighting Fantasy drawings and illustrations at and the usual address:

Fighting Fantasy Gallery
Icon Books,
Omnibus Business Centre,
39-41 North Road,
N7 9DP.

Check out the tasters of today's amateur online GamebooksTasters: Castle of Terror

The Castle of Terrors real name is the Black Castle, so named because of the jet-black rock it is made of. Many strange stories are told about it by the locals of the village below stories of monsters and strange happenings, strange noises and mysterious disappearances; some of them may be true some may not but one thing that is true is that no living thing grows on the hill leading up to the castle only a the gray foreboding grass growing like a cancer across its barren wastes. The Castle itself is said to be a maze of rooms and cells guarded by Monsters and horrors beyond all imagining. Though according to legend it is said that at the center of the dungeons of the castle is a treasure so magnificent nothing can describe it.

You walk into the crowed tavern the thick air laden with smoke, you force your way to the bar helped by the fact that a large sword is hanging by your belt after buying a pint of ale you make you way over to a large crowd of men sat smoking as you sit down they all give you weary looks before carrying on with their talking. After a while you break the conversation and ask them about the castle on the hill. All talk in the bar stops with all staring at you with shocked expressions.

‘And what be you asking about that for?’ on of the men inquires. ‘I plan to go there’ you reply, this comment was met by a laughter until the rest of the bar saw the look on your face, ‘You be serious then?’ ‘Of course but please tell me more about the old castle.

Tasters: Massacre City

You and around 1,000 other people have been locked away for years in a city called Masa-cra city. One day a group of slaves, including you rebelled against the slavery and tried to break out. After failing you are to be killed in an arena called the massacre arena only ever used for those who rebel against the government of the city. You are counted on to free the slaves, as you are the leader in the gang of those planning to break free. Can you live up to their expectations?

News - 22nd February 2010

Jambô Editora - Creature of Havoc!

We have just received word that the Portuguese edition of Creature of Havoc ("Criatura Selvagem") will go to printing this month, and will be released in March. Take a look at the exclusive cover and download the cover art for wallpaper. here.

Also today we have a new amateur online adventure Escape Neuburg Keep by Tammy.M Badowski for you to download.

We hope you enjoy it and continue to visit the site everyday. Have you registered with the Discussion Forum yet to participate in moderated chat with other FF fans?

Enjoy the taster...

You wake up from a dream in which you were being eaten by a ghoul. All you can remember was hardly being able to breathe, paralysed, and trapped in a cold vault lit by one old candle. This creature that resembled a normal human being at one time was dragging itself on its stomach toward you. Its fingernails were overgrown and stained with old blood and dirt. Its face, and its flesh was grey, and there were dark blemishes blotched across its back from when it had died. The mortis stains hadn't cleared away from beneath its wrinkled skin. All you can recall from this nightmare was its teeth biting into your forearm, your blood leaking out on the floor, and your muscles being gnawed on desperately. The sound of the ghoul biting down onto your forearm bone was what woke you up. The crunch...the gurgling... the hissing delight of laughter...

Fighting off the pit of nausea, you peer around the room you're currently in. Your head is throbbing in pain. It appears to be a cell or a dungeon. Insects scuttle across the floor away from you back into the dark shadows as you come to. Some light from the moon outside is shining in through the barred slit which makes the window, even if you wanted to escape using the window, you wouldn't even be able to fit your head through it. There is a large, heavy door with iron grates set into the stone wall ahead of you. It has no handle, only a tiny keyhole, and a square window with three thick bars across it.

Whoever put you in here had made the intention clear that they did not want you to escape while in their absence. When the headache subsides you are able to get to your feet without suffering from too much dizziness. There is no bedding in here, but unknown lumps in the inky corners, and what looks like straw strewn about. There's another cell door across from your room, and you cannot see anything else left or right but tunnel. There is no noise either. The place is silent.

News - 21st February 2010

Hello Adventurers' this Windsday we are delighted to present the terrific new amateur online adventure Garden of Bones by Alec Worley for you to download. We hope you enjoy it and continue to visit the site everyday. Have you registered with the Discussion Forum yet to participate in moderated chat with other FF fans?

News - 20th February 2010

This Earthday we have been updating various areas of the website and adding the comments blogs to the Amateur Gamebooks area. Why not comment on a amateur online Gamebook you have downloaded and played?

Bored with your comfortable dwellings in Chiang Mai you travelled to the City of Thieves, Port Blacksand, in search of adventure. Of the many tales you heard in the Black Lobster tavern, one in particular caught your interest. The next day you bought a leaky old boat and sailed down the ruddy waters of the Red River towards the Moonstone Hills. You stopped to buy supplies from the Dwarfs of Stonebridge, along with a sharp new sword. Sailing on you passed the twisted trees of Darkwood Forest and the blood-red peak of Firetop Mountain, before coming to moor at the humble village known as Barn.

The villagers were friendly enough; once they were satisfied you had not arrived on some wicked errand from nearby Darkwood. You quickly found a local man who could help you find what you were looking for. His eyes sparkled at the mention of gold. But his look quickly turned to one of horror when you told him exactly what you were searching for. It took several more coins and several more mugs of ale before he agreed to act as your guide. As night fell the two of you crossed the ferry north and followed a seldom used path by lantern-light, with bleak and lonely hills stretching away on either side, shrouded in moonlit mist.

You have only just arrived at your destination, a neglected graveyard surrounded by a low, crumbling stone wall and a pair of jagged iron gates. The church here apparently burnt down long ago. The rambling headstones that remain have since become so overgrown with weeds and wildflowers that the place has long been known among the locals as, “The Garden of Bones”.

...we hope you'll join us...

News - 19th February 2010

This Fireday we have a selection of terrific new amateur online adventures for you to download. We hope you enjoy Roots of Evil by Nicholas Marsh, Escape from Phrodite by William Corgan and Sanctuary of Souls by Kieran Coghlan. Thank you all :-)

News - 18th February 2010

This Moonsday we have a selection of terrific new amateur Maps in our Maps area by the talented Nick Foley. Thank you Nick :-)

If you have enjoyed mapping a FF adventure send them to us at

We also have your pleasure another amateur online FF adventure 'Christmas in Hell' by Jack Henseleit. If you have created any small FF adventure 25 paragraphs or more, don't forget to send them to us at the usual address

News - 17th February 2010

Hello Adventurers', today we have a number of new amateur adventures joining our growing collection now online for you to download and play. Checkout Warband by Alfred Drake, Pit of Peril by Jason Smith, Doom Demon by Phil Sadler and Blacksand Assassin by Al Sander (all originally held on the original Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks website). Tomorrow lookout for a selection of great amateur Maps of numerous FF adventures by the talented Nick Folley and more amateur adventures.

As well as the amateur adventures we also have some updates for our older fans who may be interested in a number of cosmetic changes in Creature of Havoc including changes to the Instant Death which will now read as:

'As you learn more about yourself during the adventure, you will realize that you are an extremely powerful creature, capable of killing most opponents with a single blow. If you roll a double when rolling for your Attack Strength, then you have landed such a deathdealing blow. Your opponent will die instantly, without the need to resolve the particular Attack Round you are in.

Some battles are accompanied by an instruction to turn to a new page once your opponent reaches a certain stamina level. If this is the case, when you roll a double, your monstrous blow simply reduces your opponent’s stamina to this value'.

The book has also amended some details to reflect continuity errors with the Trolltooth Wars Novel. The introductory text now has an additional passage that reads:


Zharradan Marr disguised himself as a prospector and headed south towards the village of Coven, a half day’s journey from his home in Dree. Today Coven has been rebuilt by its inhabitants, it having been razed to the ground during the destructive Trolltooth War of legend.

As older fans will remember, in the Trolltooth War set before the Creature of Havoc page 101 chapter 9, Balthus Dire actually destroyed that village and sent its people fleeing in all directions.

Latest News - 16th February 2010

This evening we have '3' new FF amateur Gamebooks. Grim Holiday by T.M. Badowski (Khaxzan), Stalking the Snow Beast by Zachary Carango and The Presence of a Hero by Stuart Lloyd. Enjoy them adventurers'...

News - 13th February 2010

More Lexicon entries added including the:

Fourwinds; Keeper of
Canyon; Screaming
Rundum; Cordo
Howling Plains
Holies; Street of
Oathbreaker; Varick

Latest News - 11th February 2010

Can you believe it! We have more exciting iApp news today. Big Blue Bubble have made us aware that Fighting Fantasy: Deathtrap Dungeon is now also available on iTunes! A fan favorite, Deathtrap Dungeon promises to build on the success of the first game in the series, Fighting Fantasy: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain , and brings many improvements and feature additions. All of our Fighting Fantasy fans will love the classic story and original illustrations with a technological twist. No more dice, pencils, or bookmarks. All the special features are built in!


Tap the on screen buttons to flip pages (No papercuts!)
Shake to roll the 3D dice using the accelerometer
Inventory items selectable via touch-screen
Game-save feature allows you to retrace your steps
Includes both original illustrations by Ian McCaig and digitally re-mastered versions
Integrated iPod music library access
iTunes link: here.

Deathtrap Dungeon! Deathtrap Dungeon! Deathtrap Dungeon! Deathtrap Dungeon! Deathtrap Dungeon! Deathtrap Dungeon!

Remember to check iTunes for other Fighting Fantasy gamebooks!

The Warlock of Firetop Mountain
Citadel of Chaos (Coming Soon)
Creatue of Havoc (Coming Soon)
City of Thieves (Coming Soon)

News - 8th February 2010

Hello Adventurers' today we are delighted to unveil and present the first images and news on the Sorcery! Apple iApp: Steve Jackson’s Sorcery: The Shamutanti Hills.

Sorcery! Developer: Seb EJ in partnership with Bright AI
Platform: Apple iPhone & iTouch
Release Date: February 2010
Price: £1.79 (tbc)

Read more here.

News - 4th February 2010

Hello Adventurers'

We’re extremely pleased to announce that the latest editions of ‘Creature of Havoc’ and ‘City of Thieves’ will be hitting the shops in February. With striking new cover designs and revamped insides, we hope you like them.

City of Thieves’ also introduces three brand-new adventurers to the world of Fighting Fantasy. You’ll be able to choose between Barik Shabdark, a fearsomely skilled swordsman and a descendant of the ancient Celenasian aristocracy; Helios Waldarus, a powerful warrior who rose to prominence through the Salamonian army; and Tarak Kharnbak, an adventuress blessed with great good fortune. It is up to you to guide your character through the twisting, treacherous streets of Port Blacksand and defeat the evil sorcerer, Zanbar Bone.

Creature of Havoc’ is a different matter altogether. Here you are the Creature of the title, a terrifying, vicious beast with no memory of its past. As The Unknown Adventurer, you must uncover your true identity and bring about the demise of the dreaded necromancer, Zharradan Marr.

We’re also offering readers the chance to get their hands on both new titles, as well as a copy of the 25th-anniversary edition of ‘The Warlock of Firetop Mountain’ signed by Steve and Ian, in our February competition!

A big thank you for everyone who has posted there comments on our new community comment system on the website. We hope you like the new lively, real-time chatter on the front page of the website with real-time posting and updating. With rich interactive features such as threaded replies and comment replies, our new discussions never feel dull and we enjoy reading what you have posted and sharing your thoughts with other FF fans across the world. Our new comments system lets YOU! choose your identity, with Facebook Connect, OpenID, or Twitter Sign-in, so why not leave a comment today on the bottom of this very news page?


FF @ Facebook

As well as following FF on Twitter, you can now become a fan on Facebook! Visit the fan page and start writing on the FF wall now!


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