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Welcome Adventurers' to the ONLINE INTERACTIVE GAMEBOOK AREA: where YOU choose the path in a developing online story.

This area of has been designed to hopefully become the main home for budding amateur writers and we will display continuing online stories created by our fans. If you would like your writing skills displayed here in our online interactive gamebook area then please send your original stories to the usual address

Simply read a story from the selection below. (Originally held on

Read the story and choose the path you take. If you decide you would like to go down a path that hasn't been created, you can create the page for it. It's just like a PBEM (Play by E-mail), but you can control the main characters and story.

Part 1 by Theophilus, part 2 by Phil Sadler. Do you want to add part 3?

Part 1 by Theophilus, part 2 by Phil Sadler. Do you want to add part 3?


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