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The Forest of Doom Reviews

Have you recently read the Fighting Fantasy Gamebook? This area of the website has been set aside as a way for fans to comment on the Gamebook and let each other know what they think of the plot, twists, encounters, traps, paths, puzzles, rules and monsters? Let us and other fans known by emailing us with your review at Preferably we would like to see you write a minimum of two or three paragraphs or more than 200 words with an honest opinion on what you liked, didn't like or would have liked to have seen done differently, Please also add a rating; this is traditionally given using a scale from one to ten. You can read other fans opinions below, some of which were originally sent to us and hosted on the original AFF website and Fighting Fantasy

The Forest of Doom Review 3

- Phil Sadler (Originally sent & posted on AFF) FF8 cover

This is the easiest book in FF history and, if it isn't, I don't know what the hell is. This is a very strange fact because this it is penned by Ian Livingstone, who is not renowned for the ease of his books or, it must be said, the fairness of his combats. Don't worry though because a new-borne baby could complete this adventure within 2 or 3 attempts. To truly give you an idea of how unchallenging the book is I completed it without losing any stamina at all! Admitadly I had a skill of 12!!

Ok, so it's easy (I hear you cry) but there must be other things to say about it! Well, it certainly has one of the greatest covers, is a nicely written book that is set in a relatively different place from the usual FF fair (a forest) and the premise is also different (you're off to save a town - not the whole damn world)! Having said that, some of these good points could also be billed as bad points as well: the forest is just too darn nice and friendly!

It feels like a walk in the park ;) add this to the fact that saving a small town, although different, is just not as good as saving a big country.

There are quite a few items to collect but hardly any of them have much in the way of essential status. In fact, there's only really a paltry two items that you absolutely need! Add this to the fact that many of the combats and situatons can simply be avoided, you have a book that is just far too fair and forgiving. The exact opposite of which can be leveled at many of Mr.Livingstone's later adventures!

Did I mention that this book was easy? Well, just to make sure, you start with either a luck, skill or stamina potion and 10 provisons. Too make matters even worse (or better depending on how you think about it) there are quite a few items and locations that can boost your stats (even your Attack Strength, which is practicaly you initial skill).

To wit (I've already admitted that my character was powerfull) I started the book with 12/18/11 and finished with 12/18/10! I didn't even need to adjust my skill, stamina or provisions even once! Also, what was the point of the gold coins you had, I had to make a total of one reduction and one additon!

Even if you somehow ignore all the bad points above, the book still isn't especially memorable, probably because there isn't much at stake, rarely a dangerous situation and... it's just far, far too damn easy!!

Overall grade: 5 (out of 10)

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