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Warlock of Firetop Mountain Reviews

Have you recently read the Fighting Fantasy Gamebook? This area of the website has been set aside as a way for fans to comment on the Gamebook and let each other know what they think of the plot, twists, encounters, traps, paths, puzzles, rules and monsters? Let us and other fans known by emailing us with your review at mail@fightingfantasy.com. Preferably we would like to see you write a minimum of two or three paragraphs or more than 200 words with an honest opinion on what you liked, didn't like or would have liked to have seen done differently, Please also add a rating; this is traditionally given using a scale from one to ten. You can read other fans opinions below, some of which were originally sent to us and hosted on the original AFF website and Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks.com

Warlock of Firetop Mountain Review 12

- Spencer Schunk (Originally sent & posted on FFG) FF1 cover

Hi. I'm a new club member and I thought it would be good to just give my opinion on a true FF classic. The Warlock of Firetop Mountain is without doubt one of the finest Fighting Fantasies ever written. This is the one that started it all, and it contains all the classic elements of a great FF book: winding passageways through dark caverns fighting fantastic beasts, boss creatures guarding objects of great value, killer puzzles, a key-finding quest, and one super-evil arch-nemesis at the end.

In the the first section of the book, the part written by Ian Livingstone, you traverse through the outer limits of the mountain, searching for treasure and battling a myriad of creatures. It's fairly simple, and you might think that this part of the book is somewhat tedious and unnecessary, but a few objects here are crucial to completing your quest. Anyway, you're getting pretty confident, hacking and slashing your way through relatively easily. That is, however, until you reach the river. This is where it gets tricky.

If you manage to cross (watch out for the cheap boatman), you'll have to face a few challenges involving Zagor's Undead servants and then its off to the maze. Oh, and what a maze it is. You're likely to spend more than an hour trying to get through this thing unless you're lucky. Oh, and you might want to stop by the minotaur's room too, you meet the dragon. Did I mention a dragon? Well, there's a dragon, all right. And you better hope you have that spell from earlier or this is going to be a tough fight. So you finally master this beast and then you open the next door. At last you have reached the Warlock! After a hard battle, the Warlock finally falls.You move on and sitting there, before your eyes, is his great treasure. But wait.. you don't have any keys? Uh -oh...

And that's what makes this book so great and so challenging. Even though you have infiltrated the Warlock's domain, slayed his guards, overcome countless obstacles and traps, crossed the mighty river, battled his Undead terrors, traversed his maze, bested his dragon, and even killed the Warlock himself, you are doomed if you possess no keys. It can be very frustrating but it really encourages exploration. Also, I would advise making a map. It helped me. An excellent book.

I rate it 10/10

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