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Many of these are long gone. But more recently Fighting Fantasy has emerged as a collectors’ item on Internet auction sites. Curiously it is not the early books or first editions which attract the highest auction prices, but the titles published towards the end of the series’ life with Puffin. Presumably these are grown-up fans completing the sets they never managed to collect in their youth.


Though Steve and Ian created the series, they are the first to admit it would not have been nearly so successful had it not been for the numerous writers and editors who contributed to the series. The other unsung heroes of FF were the artists. Iain McCaig, Martin McKenna, Chris Achilleos, Brian Bolland, John Blanche, Rodney Matthews, Jim Burns, Les Edwards, Ian Miller, Peter Jones (who did the original Warlock cover) and Russ Nicholson were all big names from the world of British fantasy art whose covers helped bring the seriesn to life for its millions of fans around the world.

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