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Greetings lowly ones! to our Fighting Fantasy interviews area. If you ever wanted to know more about the artists, writers and editors of the Fighting Fantasy series, then this area is for you. Howl of the Werewolf The interviews page is an area of the site where we go behind the scenes of the series and interview many of those who contributed to its success. We have got many interviews waiting for you over the coming months.


As you can image we get quite a lot of mail here at Wizard Books from Fighting Fantasy the world over. Whether it’s in the post or through email quite a large proportion of these are questions about particular writers and artists, their early work and current projects. Within this area we will try to do our best and present exclusive interviews for your pleasure from some of the very best Fighting Fantasy writers and artists. If you are sitting at home with particular questions you would like to see asked send them to us at our usual address:

The name of Martin McKenna is well known to most Fighting Fantasy fans. He illustrated some of the darkest Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks such as Daggers of Darkness, Vault of the Vampire, [Redacted], [Redacted], [Redacted], Return to Firetop Mountain, The Legend of Zagor (+cover), Revenge of the Vampire, Curse of the Mummy (int&cover), and also the fantastic Legend of Zagor boardgame (internal artwork). His artwork like many other Fighting Fantasy artists is embedded in the Fighting Fantasy legacy and for this reason Fighting traced him down to perform an interview regarding all his past contribution to the Fighting Fantasy phenomenon, the Gamebooks, games and novels. Also what about the years after Fighting Fantasy demise?

Interview took place in 2003!

Martin McKenna

FFG: What are you working on at the moment?

I'm working freelance on various projects. Right now I'm busy with a touch-screen arcade game project with a company called 4Leaf. In spare moments I'm also illustrating a book of Christmas ghost stories for Oxford University Press, and a cover for Games Workshop's Warhammer Monthly.

FFG: What can you tell us about that?

Well the touch-screen stuff involves designing all sorts of in-game graphics, and front-end interfaces and animation's. The machines I'm helping to design will start to appear around the country soon - I'm looking forward to creating the graphics for a gothic horror game we have planned! The Warhammer Monthly cover features a character called Hellbrandt Grimm.

FFG: Since the demise of FF can I ask what have you been doing?

Keeping busy on all kinds of stuff as usual! My freelance work has continued down the years, getting me involved in lots of interesting things. What's worthy of note? Dunno.....lots of covers and interiors for various different books and games and such. Magic Cards for Wizards of the Coast, lots of work for Palladium Books on their RPG stuff. In 1997 I went full-time with Eidos Interactive, and for two and a half years I worked as part of their development studio on games like Deathtrap Dungeon and Urban Chaos. Also Warrior Kings, which isn't out yet. I worked there with Jamie Thomson and Dave Morris - two geezers who've dabbled in FF in their time.


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