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Greetings lowly ones! to our Fighting Fantasy interviews area. If you ever wanted to know more about the artists, writers and editors of the Fighting Fantasy series, then this area is for you. Oldoran Zagor The interviews page is an area of the site where we go behind the scenes of the series and interview many of those who contributed to its success. We have got many interviews waiting for you over the coming months.

The following interview with Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson first appeared in the exclusive members e-zine 'The Salamonis Gazette.' Within each issue the Warlock takes his life in his hands and each issue brings you the best exclusive interviews from all essential Fighting Fantasy writers and artists!

As you can image we get quite a lot of mail here at Wizard Books from Fighting Fantasy the world over. Whether it’s in the post or through email quite a large proportion of these are questions about particular writers and artists, their early work and current projects. Within this area we will try to do our best and present exclusive interviews for your pleasure from some of the very best Fighting Fantasy writers and artists. If you are sitting at home with particular questions you would like to see asked send them to us at our usual address: mail@fightingfantasy.com.

Recently I was fortunate enough to visiting an old friend in Port Blacksand. Occasionally even I the great Warlock feel the need to quench my thirst, and I stopped off in the Black Lobster Tavern for a jug of Tuktuk juice. I had just paid for my drink, when I suddenly saw the infamous bards Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson seated in the corner. Without a second thought I glided over their corner at the back of the Tavern for a chat!

Ian Livingstone

FFG: Ian, can I ask Ian how you yourself first got interested in fantasy gaming and what was your first fantasy game?

Ian: Before fantasy gaming, I used to play many war games, both tabletop battles using miniatures and board war games. When in early 1975 Steve Jackson and I got our hands on a copy of Dungeons & Dragons that was it. We became overnight converts to fantasy games.

FFG: Did you realise how popular the Fighting Fantasy books would become at the time?

Ian: When they were first published in 1982, we had no idea how successful they were going to be. By the time they had sold over 14 million copies in 23 languages, we had a good idea just how popular they were! I cannot believe it is over 20 years since The Warlock of Firetop Mountain was first published - and now the books are being republished by Icon.


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