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Writers Guild

Hello there Adventurers. Welcome to the Writer's Guild an area created especially for fans to showcase their amateur Fighting Fantasy short stories and poems, for you and your friends to enjoy. If you have an idea for a Fighting Fantasy story, or even better have written one and you would like to share it with us; please e-mail us at mail@fightingfantasy.com. We hope all our fans will help us develop this area into an extensive library that other fans can come to and enjoy.

All poems and stories submitted remains the property of the original Contributor.

Illustration © 1984*2009 John Blanche
from Sorcery! The Crown of Kings. All rights reserved.


  • House of Destruction by Marcus Robinson

  • Forests of Doom by Marcus Robinson

  • Fighting-Fantasy by Marcus Robinson

  • Book of Limericks by by Adrian Young

  • Stories

  • Dungeoneer a Novel by Anthony Smart

  • Blacksand Reclaimed by Andrew Jones


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