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Welcome to the Great Wizard's Exclusives Page. The artwork created by Fighting Fantasy artists has always been spectacular, and so are Wizard Books' new range of covers. These have no doubt inspired many of you to create your own images depicting your favourite monsters, characters and scenes from the series. Here we present our exclusive look at unseen artwork and sketches, as well as short interviews we've had with the cover artists themselves.

The following information was originally published on the unofficial AdvancedFightingFantasy.com detailing at the time exclusive unseen discussions and material from the original Puffin Fighting Fantasy series. As originally presented on AdvancedFightingFantasy.com here is the artwork and sketches as provided by the Ian Miller when he revealed that he had lots of sketches etc, that might be of interest. With great delight I am proud to present these exclusive sketches for the cover of the FF gamebook House of Hell as well as Creature of Havoc, Citadel of Chaos, Phantoms of Fear etc.

Unseen sketches by Ian Miller House of Hell House of Hell Citadel of Chaos

MageHunter Creature of Havoc


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