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Illustration © 2009 Kertesz Mate Zoltan

All rights reserved.

Welcome to the Great Wizard's Exclusives Page. The artwork created by Fighting Fantasy artists has always been spectacular, and so are Wizard Books' new range of covers. These have no doubt inspired many of you to create your own images depicting your favourite monsters, characters and scenes from the series. Here we present our exclusive look at unseen artwork and sketches, as well as short interviews we've had with the cover artists themselves.

The following information was originally published on the unofficial detailing at the time exclusive unseen discussions and material from the original Puffin Fighting Fantasy series. At the time I was fortunate to perform many interviews with many of the original Fighting Fantasy contributors, authors and artists and they were kind enough to reveal much about their work for the genre. In a number of these interviews via email, mail and telephone I presented and revealed information regarding unseen Gamebooks, proposals and artwork that has never seen the light of day. These included details on unpublished titles that Puffin was considering for publication at the time namely; 60 Saga of the Stormchaser by Jonathan Green, 61 The Thief of Arantis by Dave Morris, 62 The Wailing World by Paul Mason, 63 Pirates of the Black Skull by Jonathan Green, 64 Deathlord by Andrew Chapman & Martin Allen, Deathtrap Dungeon 3 by Dave Morris, 65 Night of the Creature by Marc Gascoinge and 66 The Keeper of the Seven Keys by Dave Morris & Jamie Thomson. Other titles such as the [Redacted] plot known as [Redacted] by [Redacted], Labyrinth of Death by Dave Morris & Jamie Thomson, a Sequel to Curse of the Mummy by Jonathan Green and [Redacted] also by ]Redacted]. As originally presented on, here are the many Exclusives.

Exclusive 1: Warlock of Firetop Mountain - Martin McKenna
Exclusive 2:The Thief of Arantis - Dave Morris and Mark Smith
Exclusive 3: The Wailing World - Paul Mason
Exclusive 4:Saga of the Stormchaser - original Map artwork by Jon Green
Exclusive 5: Bloodbones/Pirates of the Black Skull - Jon Green
Exclusive 6: Deathlord - Andrew Chapman/Martin Allen
Exclusive 7: Deathtrap Dungeon sequel - Jamie Thomson/Dave Morris
Exclusive 8: Night of the Creature - Marc Gascgoigne
Exclusive 9: Keeper of the Seven Keys - Dave Morris/Jamie Thomson
Exclusive 10: Banned Artwork - Dave Carson
Exclusive 11: Original artwork from Rings of Kether - Andrew Chapman
Exclusive 12: Unseen exclusive Zagor Boardgame artwork - Martin McKenna
Exclusive 13: original sketches from - Ian Miller
Exclusive 14:The first new series covers - Wizard
Exclusive 15: The new Creature of Havoc - Les Edwards
Exclusive 16: Cover and Interior Sketches - Tony Hough
Exclusive 17: New Poster and Counter-pack - Wizard
Exclusive 18: Keep of the Lich Lord original pitch - Dave Morris
Exclusive 19: City of Thieves Cover/Sketches - Martin McKenna
Exclusive 20: Crypt of the Sorcerer Cover and Sketches - Les Edwards
Exclusive 21: Citadel of Chaos - Kevin Jenkins
Exclusive 22: Deathtrap Dungeon - Mel Grant
Exclusive 23: Creature of Havoc - Les Edwards
Exclusive 24: City of Thieves - Martin McKenna
Exclusive 25: Crypt of the Sorcerer - Les Edwards
Exclusive 26: House of Hell - Les Edwards
Exclusive 270: Forest of Doom - Martin McKenna
Exclusive 28: Sorcery! 1: The Shamutanti Hills - Mel Grant
Exclusive 29: Caverns of the Snow Witch - Les Edwards
Exclusive 30: Sorcery! 2: Khare Cityport of Traps - Mel Grant
Exclusive 31: Trial of Champions - Martin McKenna
Exclusive 32: Sorcery! 3: The Seven Serpents - Mel Grant
Exclusive 33: Armies of Death - Martin McKenna
Exclusive 34: Sorcery! 4: The Crown of Kings - Mel Grant
Exclusive 35: Return to Firetop Mountain - Martin McKenna
Exclusive 36: Island of the Lizard King - Martin McKenna
Exclusive 37: Appointment with F.E.A.R - Brian Bolland
Exclusive 38: Temple of Terror - Martin McKenna
Exclusive 39: Legend of Zagor - Martin McKenna
Exclusive 40: Eye of the Dragon - Martin McKenna
Exclusive 41: Starship Traveller - Chris Moore
Exclusive 42: Freeway Fighter - Jim Burns
Exclusive 43: Talisman of Death - Martin McKenna
Exclusive 44: Sword of the Samurai - Mel Grant
Exclusive 45: Bloodbones - artwork - Tony Hough


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