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Greetings lowly ones! to our Fighting Fantasy interviews area. If you ever wanted to know more about the artists, writers and editors of the Fighting Fantasy series, then this area is for you. Caverns of the Snow Witch image The interviews page is an area of the site where we go behind the scenes of the series and interview many of those who contributed to its success. We have got many interviews waiting for you over the coming months.

In a recent interview with Cavern of the Snow Witch artist Edward Crosby we discussed his involvement with the Fighting Fantasy series in the early 80's, his past, present and future.

1) Where was you born Eddy? Was it in England? Where did you study art and when?

I was in Sri Lanka in 1962 but my family migrated to England when I was three years old.

After finishing Secondary school in 1978 I applied for a two year art course pre-foundation art course at Erith College, Kent. After that I went to Goldsmiths College in New Cross. This consisted of a one year foundation course and then a three year diploma in art and design. I graduated in 1984.

2) When did your main art career begin?

I would say 1984 when i did Caverns of the Snow Witch with Gary Ward. It was was my first big freelance job.

3) When did you first become associated with Fighting Fantasy and Ian and Steve?

It’s thanks to Gary Ward that I first became involved with illustrating one of the Fighting Fantasy books.

Gary was a classmate at Goldsmiths and although we were not into RPG we had a keen interest in fantasy art and SF. We both loved artists such as Boris, Frazetta, Giger and Chris Foss etc.

In 1983 Gary got some illustration work from White Dwarf magazine and he asked me to help out with them.

These were one colour interior illustrations. After a few commissions from White Dwarf, Gary visited Ian Livingstone in Acton and was offered “Caverns”. Apparently Ian was disappointed with an earlier attempt by another artist. Once Gary accepted the job he asked me to join him to co-illustrate it.

4) Who have you contributed to artistically? What publications?

I migrated to Australia September 1984 after finishing Caverns. I spent two years in Perth then I settled in Melbourne. In the late eighties I illustrated two picture books “Cat Crusoe” and “Thor outwits the giants”. At that time i did a lot of work for educational publishers.


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