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Fighting Fantasy Rules:

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A player’s STAMINA will change a lot during the course of an adventure. It will drop as a result of wounds received through combat, exhaustion after performing a particular arduous task or from penalties received from failing Test for Luck rolls. Eating meals or provisions can restore STAMINA. Each player always starts an adventure with a certain number of provisions, which can be eaten at (almost) any time during an adventure. Eating provisions or meals restores 4 STAMINA points. As the number of provisions can be limited, players must be careful to keep track of how many units of their provisions they have left. Every time a meal is eaten, 1 meal is deducted from the provision box on the Adventure Sheet. Remember that a player’s STAMINA may never exceed its initial value unless you are specifically instructed to the contrary. STAMINA may also be restored to its Initial level through Magic, or by drinking a Potion of Strength or STAMINA.


LUCK may be replenished in two ways. In certain situations where a player has been particularly lucky or created their own luck through some action, LUCK bonuses (usually between 1 and 3) may be awarded. Remember that a player’s LUCK may never exceed its initial value unless you are specifically instructed to the contrary. Drinking a measure of a Potion of fortune may also restore LUCK to its Initial level, as well as increasing the Initial level permanently by one point. Only one potion may ever be taken and further consumption of the potion will have no effect.


The Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks and Sorcery! Books introduced a number of little different rules in some books to enhance the core rules. FEAR for example was introduced within The House of Hell. Others such as MAGIC were also intrduced in Citadel of Chaos for example. The following is a guide to these new characteristics:


FEAR is a measurement of the characters mental willpower and sanity. It represents the characters ability to remain calm and collected as well as sane when under sever psychological stress.


Adventurers usually a FEAR score in the range of 7 to 12: the creatures or characters encountered during an adventure may have less than this – or, occasionally, more! All FEAR scores begin at 0 and increase when any event or encounter causes FEAR. The Initial FEAR total is the maximum that an adventurer can resist and before being frightened to death. During an adventure, an adventurer may come across situations where they must, ‘Add one (or two) FEAR points.’ These points are added to the current FEAR score (FEAR starts at zero) and increase as instructed. Reaching the maximum results in death and the adventure ends. Note that FEAR works in the opposite way to normal SKILL, STAMINA and LUCK; you start with zero and increase your FEAR to the maximum, rather than subtracting, as you do with the other characteristics.

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