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Warlock of Firetop Mountain


LUCK is a measurement of the adventurers overall good fortune, success, fate, destiny toward greatness, as well as their ability to possibly receive divine intervention. The characteristic also represents the characters chance to avoid the likelihood of probable events as well as their overall ability to try and make the outcome of events more favourable. Adventurers LUCK score usually lies in the range of 7 to 12: creatures or characters encountered during an adventure do not have a LUCK score! Any actions that depend upon how lucky an adventurer will be (for example: whether an adventurer avoids damage from a fall down a pit) can be decided by rolling against the adventurers LUCK (a roll less than the adventurers current LUCK value, means failure. then the character succeeds. A score equal or exceeding the current value, means success). This action is known as Testing their Luck. Calling upon LUCK is a risky business, as it drained by 1 point each time it is used. The more often LUCK is relied upon, the more risky the procedure becomes.


The ATTACKS characteristic is mainly used during multiple battle encounters with other creatures and characters. It is a measurement of the number of opponents that a creature or character can fight at the same time. An adventurer and most creatures and characters in the Fighting Fantasy game will usually have an ATTACKS score of 1, which means that they can only fight one individual at a time. Some creatures or characters encountered during an adventure may have ATTACKS scores of 2 or occasionally, more! A higher score in ATTACKS means that they can fight two or more opponents at the same time. For example: an ATTACKS score of 3 means that it can attack up to three opponents in an Attack Round. A higher ATTACKS score does not however, mean that a character or creature receives the ability to make more attacks automatically within each round.


Crypt of the Sorcerer

During the adventure the player’s adventurer may often encounter a hostile monster or creature. When they do, they may be offered the choice of fighting the monster or the creature will automatically attack, and the player will have to draw their weapon against the enemy. In some situations a player may be given special options, allowing them to deal with encounters in an unusual manner, but in most cases you will have to resolve battles as described below. When a battle takes place the SKILL, STAMINA and also ATTACKS characteristics of the hostile creature are printed in the relevant section of the adventure. These are entered into the empty Encounter box on the Adventure Sheet along with any special abilities or instructions, which are unique to that particular opponent.


The sequence of combat is as follows:

  • Roll two dice for your opponent. Add its SKILL score to the total rolled, to find its Attack Strength.

  • Roll two dice for yourself, and then add your current SKILL score to find its Attack Strength.

  • If your Attack Strength is higher than your opponents, you have wounded it: proceed to step 4. If your opponent’s Attack Strength is higher than yours, it has wounded you: proceed to step 5. If both Attack Strengths totals are the same, you have both avoided or parried each other’s blows; start a new Attack Round from step 1, above.

  • You have wounded your opponent, so subtract 2 points from it’s STAMINA score. You may use LUCK here to do additional damage (see below). Proceed to step 6.

  • Your opponent has wounded you, so subtract 2 points from your STAMINA score. You may use LUCK to reduce the loss of STAMINA (see below).

  • Begin the next Attack Round, starting again at step 1. This sequence continues until the STAMINA score of either you or your opponent reaches zero, which means death. If your opponent dies, you are free to continue on your adventure. If you die your adventure ends and you must start all over gain by creating a new character.

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