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Warlock of Firetop Mountain


The core game mechanics all use a system of characteristics known as SKILL, STAMINA and LUCK. These three basic characteristics are far from complicated and describe the aspects of a player’s character. Each of these characteristics defined in numeral terms, with scores generated through the roll of two-six sided dice (2D6). They are not pre-defined. The value of these scores affects the player’s character in the adventures they will participate and the importance of these quickly becomes apparent as the adventure progresses. Each of the three characteristics defines the natural talent of a character and all creatures and other characters encountered through an adventure are described with the same characteristics.


SKILL is a measurement of the characters expertise, both at fighting in combat, and in a wide range of other aspects. It represents the characters strength and physical prowess, intelligence (or general logical, intuitiveness, and mental agility), initiative (or speed of thought), dexterity (and their ability to perform complex or intricate tasks such as striking and parrying in battle, as well as actions like your balance, lock picking, pick pocketing, and sneaking), persuasion (how charismatic you appear to other characters and creatures, how easily you can lead, emphasise, or generally get on with others), as well as the physical senses (and the sharpness of your five (or six) senses(it affects the ability to notice things as well as the effectiveness of searching and tracking).

Adventurers usually a SKILL score in the range of 7 to 12: the creatures or characters encountered during an adventure may have less than this – or, occasionally, more! Any actions that depend upon how skilful an adventurer is at sneaking about without being heard, climbing up a steep wall of a castle, dodging an arrow from a Dark Elf, or jumping a large pit, can usually be decided by testing the probability of success. This can be decided by rolling against the adventurers SKILL (a roll less than or equal to the adventurers current SKILL value, means success. A score exceeding the current SKILL value means failure).



STAMINA is a measurement of the health of the adventurer. It represents fitness, will to survive and general constitution (such as their ability to resist damage). Adventurers usually have a STAMINA score in the range of 14 to 24; the creatures or characters encountered during an adventure may have less than this – or, occasionally, more!

During the adventure injury and exhaustion can whittle away the adventurers STAMINA, although this may be replenished by a prolonged period of rest or sleep during or after an adventure, eating provisions (food), drinking a potion or by the application of healing magic. If an adventurers STAMINA score is reduced to zero during an adventure, they are most probably dead! If the adventurer’s STAMINA is high, they will more likely succeed at actions than if their STAMINA was very low.

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