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Fighting Fantasy Novels: Zagor Chronicles - Skullcrag

Author - Ian Livingstone & Carl Sargent
Map Illustrator - Terry Oakes
Cover Illustrator - Iain McCaig
Setting - Amarillia
Date - 1993


"As the peoples of the world of Amarillia strive to rebuild their riven and decimated lands, they have one triumph to celebrate: the destruction of Zagor the Necromancer. Or so most think; but Jallarial, new Grand Wizard of the lands, is troubled with doubts and learns that the Necromancer's spirit is not destroyed, merely captive, drawing magic and enemies to free itself. With her fellow heroes, the Grand Wizard must travel the planes to the world of Titan to seek out the origins and secrets of Zagor in the hope of ending Amarillia's nemesis.

Skullcrag is the third tale in the epic Zagor Chronicles series, a story of strangers in an unfamiliar world beset by treachery and deception as they strive to discover the origin and fatal weakness of their dire enemy."

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