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Fighting Fantasy Novels: Shadowmaster

Author - Marc Gascoigne
Map Illustrator - Leo Hartas
Cover Illustrator - Terry Oakes
Interior Illustrator - Russ Nicholson
Setting - Allansia
Date - 1991


"It started with a burglary. Borne aloft on the back of an immense bat, a sinister thief breaks into the tower of the sorcerer Yaztromo. Guided by long-dead voices, he manages to make off with an ancient scroll whose secrets could spell doom and destruction for all Allansia!"

Chadda Darkmane is soon on the trail of the thief. But as quest grows ever longer, his nagging doubts about the power of sorcery turn into nightmares. The trail leads far beyond northern Allansia, to the Pirate Coast and the twisting alleyways of Rimon, where Darkmane's nightmares become flesh! For the thief has used the ancient scroll to summon others to help him in his sorcerous task, Demons who are not bound by the constraints of earthly forms - who feast on the human spirit.

A few brave companions accompany Darkmane, but will they be enough - and in time - to stop the thief from unlocking the final secret of Yaztromo's scroll? Demonstealer, the second Fighting Fantasy novel in a series that began with The Trolltooth Wars, holds all the answers."

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