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Fighting Fantasy RPG

Author - Steve Jackson
Cover Illustrator - Duncan Smith
Interior Illustrator - various
Setting - Allansia
Date - 1984


The world of Fighting Fantasy, peopled by Orcs, dragons, zombies and vampires, has captured the imagination of millions of readers world-wide. Thrilling adventures of sword and sorcery come to life in the Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks, where the reader is the hero, dicing with death and demons in search of villains, treasure or freedom. Now YOU can create your own Fighting Fantasy adventures and send your friends off on dangerous missions! In this clearly written handbook, there are hints on devising combats, monsters to use, tricks and tactics, as well as two mini-adventures complete with Games Master's notes for you to start with.

Fighting Fantasy is the ideal introduction to the fast-growing world of role-playing games, and literally countless adventures await you!"

This Introductory book was introduced in 1984 by Steve Jackson. Well written it presents the reader with the methods of running their own Fighting Fantasy adventures using the standard Fighting Fantasy Game system. Unlike other more complicated role-playing games the book doesn't require lots of charts and tables or book keeping by the players and is laid out in an easy to read way with rules kept to a minimum to allow players to quickly get involved in a fast moving adventure.

The book is comprised of three parts:

(1) An introduction to the Fighting Fantasy rules.

(2) A short Fighting Fantasy ADVENTURE ' The Wishing Well'

(3) A larger Fighting Fantasy ADVENTURE ' Shagggradd's Hive of Peril'


This area of the book introduces the Fighting Fantasy Game rules and explains the concept of moving from Fantasy Gamebook to Role-playing game. The Games master's role is explained and step by step we are shown what the SKILL score represents, the importance of preserving STAMINA; how they can lose STAMINA and how it can be restored, how they go about Testing their LUCK, and how LUCK can be used in battles, and lastly initial equipment is described.

As the book progresses the player intending to become the Games Master is introduced to FIGHTING MONSTERS and the methods of combat , as well as how to run encounters and deal with common situations. The end of the adventure sees the players encountering the Spider King and having to find the spell book to gain access to the Treasure.


This adventure by Steve is a small scale introductory adventure set beneath a ancient well. The adventure is larger scenario that could take an hour to an hour and a half. The adventure is provided with a map of the dungeon complex beneath the well and each of the eighteen locations is presented with a full page illustration of the rooms as well as a description and guidelines as to what the players may or may not want to do.


This adventure by Steve is a larger scenario set beneath a large oak tree in a dungeon owned by the Black Elf Shagggradd. The adventure is provided in the same manner to the previous adventure with a map of the dungeon complex beneath the earth and the thirty nine locations presented with a full page illustration of the rooms as well as a description and guidelines as to what the players may or may not want to do. The adventure has more foes to face, more puzzles and traps and a deadly encounter with a Dragon at the end of the dungeon.

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