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Fighting Fantasy AFF: Allansia

Author - Marc Gascoigne/Pete Tamlyn Map Illustrator - Leo Hartas & Steve Luxton
Cover Illustrator - John Sibbick
Interior Illustrator - various
Setting - Allansia
Date - 1994

AFF Allansia

"The world of Titan is an extremely dangerous place. Mankind and its allies huddle in fortified settlements, for beyond the castle walls the wild lands stretch across three continents. Out in the wastelands, Orc tribes war with each other for dominance. Savage monsters roam at will in search of food. Evil sorcerers ready their inhuman armies for battle. No one, surely, would venture out into such inhospitable places - unless the rewards were so great a hero couldn't possibly refuse!

Allansia is the third volume in the Advanced Fighting Fantasy series, and within its pages you will find rules for designing and running adventures in the savage lands of Titan. In Dungeoneer you ventured into the deadly underground realms in search of treasure. In Blacksand! you dared enter the crime-ridden cities and towns. Now it is time for YOU to explore the wilderness, in search of the greatest rewards of all!"

This Fighting Fantasy volume was the third and final book in the Advanced Fighting Fantasy (or AFF) series, which after the previous two volumes turned its attention to the wilderness of the continent of Allansia. Although smaller than Dungeoneer, and Blacksand with 320 pages the book introduced many new rules, including new skills, spells, detailed information on playing as one of six speaking races native to Allansia and exciting rules governing mass battles based around the Dwarven realm of Warpstone.

The volume also includes lots of new information of the various terrains of Allansia with encounter tables and the continuation of the adventure presented across all of the AFF series entitled “A Darkness Over Kaad.”

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