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Fighting Fantasy AFF: Dungeoneer

Author - Marc Gascoigne/Pete Tamlyn Map Illustrator - Leo Hartas & Steve Luxton
Cover Illustrator - John Sibbick
Interior Illustrator - various
Setting - Allansia
Date - 1989

AFF Dungeoneer

"Now you and your friends can create your own fantasy movies! Imagine that you are the director and your friends are the cast of heroes. Will you send them to battle with the evil wizard or recover the Dragon's hoard? The choice is yours, and Dungeoneer makes the exciting world of fantasy role playing accessible in a thoroughly user-friendly manner.

You can start straight away and introduce more complex rules and scenarios as you and your friends gain experience as director and actors. So, are you ready? Then let the cameras roll.."

This Fighting Fantasy volume was the first in the long-awaited Advanced Fighting Fantasy (or AFF) series building upon the foundations laid in the Fighting Fantasy™: Introductory RPG by Steve Jackson.

The introductory book is aimed at the novice role-player who is also a fan of the Gamebook series and introduces the basic rules of the AFF system, including the introduction of Special Skills that a player can specialise in (such as Climb or Magic Lore), more detailed damage tables during combat, spells and an Oops! table for spells that are miscast, and a detailed guide to running an AFF game specifically focusing on dungeon adventures.

Also in the book are two adventures. The first AFF adventure entitled “Tower of the Sorcerer” is a small, basic dungeon crawl which presents a easy introduction to the rules. The second adventure “Revenge of the Sorcerer" is far longer and offers the opportunity to explore Port Blacksand and the sewers beneath.

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