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This area provides a reference guide to Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks and companion books released from the early 1980's. If you own or can scan and provide good quality images of any of these products - feel free to e-mail me at the usual contact address.

Author - Steve Jackson
Publisher - Merlin Publishing International
Illustrators - Peter Andrew Jones, Alan Craddock, Gino D'achille, Les Edwards, Iain McCaig, Terry Oakes, and Waldmeister
Setting - Titan
Date - 1993/1994


These were introduced in 1993 by Merlin Publishing International in the UK. They are best decribed as a "scratch-and-slay card game, that preceded the popular Magic: The Gathering, and Pokemon craze.

Each pack of 8 cards originally cost 50p and there were around 150 cards in the complete set. A box contained 36 packs with 10 cards to a pack. There were a great variety of cards arranged into types: these included artist profiles, quests, tactics, advanced game rules, checklists, spells, and shields, but the main cards were Fighters.

Each Fighter card had a series of 25 silver scratch panels around its main central illustration (see image) to represent locations of the body. Under the basic rules, players would take it in turns to make an attack by scratching away a panel of their rival to reveal the symbol underneath. When enough 'wound' symbols were found, one of the fighter's 'life' panels would be uncovered and a skull symbol signified his defeat. The dead fighter card would then be given to the winning player who could use the card's 'purse' (an amount of gold listed in the corner) to purchase 'Wondrous Treasure' cards by mailing Merlin with gold equal to the price agreed on a Trading Post card.

Quest cards normally required collectors to study their cards carefully then send the correct ones to Merlin so they could claim a reward of gold. For example, to claim a token worth 100 gold, St. Charity's Quest required you to collect five men with no gold in their purses, which obviously required you to defeat them first. Lord Magnoble's quest was worth 200 gold if you identified the artists of the five unsigned pieces in his collection.


There were eight Wondrous Treasures: - the Lyre of Eternal Song, Sword of Slaying, Genie in the Jewel, Talisman of Fortune, Orb of Shantos (from "The Tasks of Tantalon"), Dragonstone, Amulet of Eternal Beauty, and Crown of Vangor. When you had collected or purchased all of them, you could begin to decipher the inscriptions on their reverse. These were written in the Vangorian alphabet, a single character of which appeared on the back of every card. Once you understood the message, you could send away for the final card of the collection: the Deed of Investiture of the Emperor of Vangoria, signed (in Vangorian) by Steve Jackson.

There are two known sets: an English set, and a North American set. The English cards were slightly bigger and the numbering system different to those across the Atlantic and basically, you the game consisted of scratching your opponent's card, and he/she scratches yours, until someone wins.

The winner kept the loser's card and then either added it to their collection or send it in for one of the very hard to find Treasure Cards. Within the entire series there were 139 cards in the basic series, eight treasure cards (T1-T8), a checklist (card 148), card#149 and the final card #150, which you could only get from Steve Jackson himself. On the Us editions all of Alan Craddock's art was replaced by Martin McKenna.

No. Title Artist Type

1 Vangoria The History of Vangoria
2 Iain McCaig McCaig Artists of Vangoria
3 Les Edwards Edwards Artists of Vangoria
4 Peter Andrew Jones Jones Artists of Vangoria
5 Gino D'Achille D'Achille Artists of Vangoria
6 Waldmeister Waldmeister Artists of Vangoria
7 Terry Oakes Oakes Artists of Vangoria
8 Martin McKenna McKenna Artists of Vangoria
9 Checklist 1-39 Checklist
10 Quest: The Heirs of Vangor Waldmeister The Quests of Vangoria
11 Lord Magnoble's Quest Waldmeister The Quests of Vangoria
12 Quest: The Princess' Suitor Waldmeister The Quests of Vangoria
13 The Cursewitch's Quest Waldmeister The Quests of Vangoria
14 Quest: The Rings of Harrak-Barr Waldmeister The Quests of Vangoria
15 The Jester's Quest Waldmeister The Quests of Vangoria
16 Saint Charity's Quest Waldmeister The Quests of Vangoria
17 Wondrous Treasure Quest Waldmeister The Quests of Vangoria
18 The Fool's Quest Waldmeister The Quests of Vangoria
19 The Rune Quest Waldmeister The Quests of Vangoria
20 Prince Lionheart McCaig The Darklands
21 Warg the Mighty McCaig The Darklands
22 Stagcastle Man-at-Arms McCaig The Darklands
23 Lord of Darkness McCaig The Darklands
24 Sister of Darkness McCaig The Darklands
25 The Bonescratcher McCaig The Darklands
26 Strangler Zombie McCaig The Darklands
27 Decayer Zombie McCaig The Darklands
28 The Dragon Prince McCaig The Darklands
29 Firebreather McCaig The Darklands
30 Lord of the Flies McCaig The Darklands
31 'King' Dumm McCaig The Darklands
32 Krudd & Gorr McCaig The Darklands
33 Snargg the Ogre McCaig The Darklands
34 Hill Goblin McCaig The Darklands
35 Verrancus McCaig The Darklands
36 The Venomess McCaig The Darklands
37 Stallion-Man McCaig The Darklands
38 River Devlin McCaig The Darklands
39 Spineslayer McCaig The Darklands
40 Fireball Spell McKenna Magic Spells
41 Sword Control Spell McKenna Magic Spells
42 Mental Combat Spell McKenna Magic Spells
43 Peaceful Calm Spell McKenna Magic Spells
44 Shield Dissolve Spell McKenna Magic Spells
45 Mutiny Spell McKenna Magic Spells
46 Anti-Magic Spell McKenna Magic Spells
47 Force Field Spell McKenna Magic Spells
48 Summon Creature Spell McKenna Magic Spells
49 Magic Shield Spell McKenna Magic Spells
50 Lord of the Masque Edwards Barbarian Territories
51 George Lacklustre Edwards Barbarian Territories
52 The Iron Maiden Edwards Barbarian Territories
53 John the Agreeable Edwards Barbarian Territories
54 Helmut the Bold Edwards Barbarian Territories
55 Boris the Brave Edwards Barbarian Territories
56 D'Accord the Daring Edwards Barbarian Territories
57 Croque the Hunter Edwards Barbarian Territories
58 Firenzi the Fearless Edwards Barbarian Territories
59 Ferrario the Valiant Edwards Barbarian Territories
60 VanVincent the Fluent Edwards Barbarian Territories
61 Barbarian Swordsman Edwards Barbarian Territories
62 Obojo the Cruel Edwards Barbarian Territories
63 The Medusa Edwards Barbarian Territories
64 The Crypt Stalker Edwards Barbarian Territories
65 The Dark Warrior Edwards Barbarian Territories
66 The Flesh-Eater Edwards Barbarian Territories
67 Baalthazac Edwards Barbarian Territories
68 Horned Devils Edwards Barbarian Territories
69 Hellhound Edwards Barbarian Territories
70 Homunculus Edwards Barbarian Territories
71 Deathweb Spider Edwards Barbarian Territories
72 Bloodsuckers Edwards Barbarian Territories
73 Soulpod Plant Edwards Barbarian Territories
74 Salaman Rush Demon Edwards Barbarian Territories
75 Wolfman Barbarian Territories
76 Checklist 40-76 Checklist
77 Card Games McKenna
78 Campaigns & Adventures McKenna
79 Yard Games McKenna
80 Aragon Trueblade Jones Zittonia
81 Forrin Weatherstorm Jones Zittonia
82 Baagan the Brave Jones Zittonia
83 The Bowmaster Jones Zittonia
84 Sylvanne Jones Zittonia
85 The Red Knight Jones Zittonia
86 Zittonian Swordsman Jones Zittonia
87 Zheena Nightshade Jones Zittonia
88 Venga the Grim Jones Zittonia
89 Karanga the Ferocious Jones Zittonia
90 Horo Soga Jones Zittonia
91 Horo Matangi Jones Zittonia
92 Gargantuan Marauder Jones Zittonia
93 Gleeta Spee Jones Zittonia
94 Sisters of Damnation Jones Zittonia
95 Jorramungha Jones Zittonia
96 The Demon of Eelsea Jones Zittonia
97 The Angel of Death Jones Zittonia
98 Ironscale Jones Zittonia
99 Jahnu the Hunter Jones Zittonia
100 Maglan Vinn Zittonia
101 Attack: Head, Defend: Head & Legs Oakes Advanced Combat Cards
102 Attack: Body, Defend: Head & Arms Oakes Advanced Combat Cards
103 Attack: Arms, Defend: Body & Arms Oakes Advanced Combat Cards
104 Attack: Legs, Defend: Head & Body Oakes Advanced Combat Cards
105 Attack: Head, Defend: Body & Arms Oakes Advanced Combat Cards
106 Attack: Body, Defend: Body & Legs Oakes Advanced Combat Cards
107 Attack: Arms, Defend: Head & Legs Oakes Advanced Combat Cards
108 Attack: Legs, Defend: Arms & Legs Oakes Advanced Combat Cards
109 Checklist 77-109 Checklist
110 Prince Gallant D'Achille Quaine
111 Normal Stormcloud D'Achille Quaine
112 Baron Oldschwartz D'Achille Quaine
113 Lord of the Lance D'Achille Quaine
114 Brannak D'Achille Quaine
115 Titania D'Achille Quaine
116 shula the Archeress D'Achille Quaine
117 Erik the Repentent D'Achille Quaine
118 Warrior of Quaine D'Achille Quaine
119 Lord Vengeance D'Achille Quaine
120 Oafus & Wilberforce D'Achille Quaine
121 Manticus D'Achille Quaine
122 Brenn the Avenger D'Achille Quaine
123 Felinius D'Achille Quaine
124 Koonsquine D'Achille Quaine
125 Shambler D'Achille Quaine
126 The Beast Riders D'Achille Quaine
127 Frost Giant D'Achille Quaine
128 Ice Dragon D'Achille Quaine
129 Battle Orc D'Achille Quaine
130 The Inquisitor D'Achille Quaine
131 Constantian Cutthroat Constantia
132 Vangorian Knight Oakes Constantia
133 Jester's, St. Charity's Oakes Secrets of Vangoria
134 Treasure, Jester's, Fool's Oakes Secrets of Vangoria
135 Princess', Special, Cursewitch Oakes Secrets of Vangoria
136 Treasure, Warrior, Lord Magnob Oakes Secrets of Vangoria
137 Heirs, Status, Treasure Oakes Secrets of Vangoria
138 Checklist 110-139 Checklist
139 The Trading Post Constantia


Treasure Cards (1:12 packs)

T-1 The Lyre of Eternal Song
T-2 The Sword of Slaying
T-3 The Genie in the Jewel
T-4 The Talisman of Fortune
T-5 The Orb of Shantos
T-6 The Dragonstone
T-7 The Amulet of Eternal Beauty
T-8 The Crown of Vangor

Treasure Cards (Silver Foil)

12,000 of each made, available by redemption by scratching off a treasure symbol and Gold value on Card #139, then sending in defeated Fighter cards with a purse value equal to this Gold value.

ST-1 The Lyre of Eternal Song
ST-2 The Sword of Slaying
ST-3 The Genie in the Jewel
ST-4 The Talisman of Fortune
ST-5 The Orb of Shantos
ST-6 The Dragonstone
ST-7 The Amulet of Eternal Beauty
ST-8 The Crown of Vangor

Treasure Cards (Gold Foil)

6,000 of each made, available by redemption by mailing in the cards corresponding to the Solutions to the 10 Quest cards.

GT-1 The Lyre of Eternal Song
GT-2 The Sword of Slaying
GT-3 The Genie in the Jewel
GT-4 The Talisman of Fortune
GT-5 The Orb of Shantos
GT-6 The Dragonstone
GT-7 The Amulet of Eternal Beauty
GT-8 The Crown of Vangor

Hidden Card

Available by translating secret messages on the back of all 8 Treasure cards, then sending them in to the decrypted address. Those cards were then voided and returned with the card #140.

140 The Emperor of Vangoria

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