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"The locals speak in hushed tones of the Warlock who lurks beneath the mountain, telling stories of the awesome treasures and perilous monsters to be found there. But you are an adventurer, and stories don't frighten you. You've traveled far in search of treasure and fame, and now's your chance to prove yourself. Together with your fellow warriors you must venture deep into the bowels of the earth and vanquish the servants of Evil to become lord of Firetop Mountain!

Board game Author - Steve Jackson
Map Illustrator - n/a
Cover Illustrator - Peter Andrew Jones
Interior Illustrator - Dave Andrews
Setting - n/a
Date - 1986

This Boardgame was released in 1986 and based upon the successful Fighting Fantasy Gamebook, of the same name. Steve Jackson's The Warlock of Firetop Mountain is a fantastic game based very loosely on Cleudo that can be enjoyed by 2 to 6 players. The rules of the Boardgame are simple and gamers will find endless hours of enjoyment as they walk the dungeons in search of glory!

With an extra-large playing board and large colourful counters, The Warlock of Firetop Mountain set new standards in game design in its day - but above everything else remained faithful to the book and was simply great fun!

As is usual with many of Games Workshop products, the game has some excellent components are the rule book is short and easy to follow.

The game itself basically consists of you and your fellow players roaming the labyrinth fighting creatures and finding treasures to increase your power. All the players characters have three stats: Skill, Stamina, and Luck and these affect as in the FF Gamebooks both combat and various perils that are held in the dungeon such as tricks n' traps.

The object of the game is to travel across the board to the end of the dungeon and open the Warlock's treasure chest. Along the way however, players must deduce the correct combination of three keys which will open the treasure chest at the end of the game, and find or steal the appropriate keys.

This process is achieved through a system exactly like the game Cluedo: players ask other players if they have any key cards of a particular number and secretly note down what their answers are. The first player to open the Warlock's treasure chest wins the game.

Inside the game you receive:

A huge, full colour, six piece jigsaw Playing Board designed by the artist Dave Andrews. Six detailed plastic playing figures who you assume as the heroic adventurers. 15 full-colour key challenge cards, 77 full colour encounter pieces, six maze cards, a pad of adventure sheets, a small clear and concise rulebook, one monster reference card and two six-sided dice.

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