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"In Legend of Zagor the electronic fantasy game, each player assumes the role of one of four Heroes: Ansar the Barbarian; Stubble the Dwarf; Braxus the Warrior or Sallazar the Wizard.

Board game You, the Heroes, must attempt to defeat the terrible Undead Warlock Zagor. You must venture though the terror-filled Dungeons of castle Argent to roach The Crypt of Zagor, where you will face the Warlock himself. Zagor will speak to you throughout your adventure. He will issue commands and run combats when you dare to challenge his forces.'

Author - Parker Bros - Hasbro
Cover Illustrator - ?
Interior Illustrator - Martin McKenna
Setting - Amarillia
Date - 1993

This Board game was released in 1993 after the FF Gamebook of the same name and the objective was to travel through the Dungeons beneath Castle Argent to the Crypt of Zagor and there defeat the evil Undead Warlock. First you must enter the Chambers of Death, then explore deeper into The Halls of Fear. Both of these Dungeons have corridors filled with traps and deadly monsters that attack the unwary. You will also find secret passages and treasure. In each room you will encounter a monster, guarding one or more chests, which contain the Golden Talismans and Silver Daggers, you must collect in order to defeat Zagor.

Board game

When you have collected many chest cards and you feel that your Hero is strong enough, you cross the wooden bridge that leads to The Pond of Doom. Beyond this lies the Dragoon Cave, whose guardian, the Flame Dragon must be defeated before entering The Crypt of Zagor. Only then can you face your final challenge: defeat Zagor or lose everything. At the start of the game you had to chose a Hero (Barbarian, Dwarf, Wizard or Warrior) and then take the following:

Your Hero's figure
Your Hero's Character Sheet
20 Gold coins
1 Stamina token
1 Monster Stamina token
1 Strength token
1 Monster Strength token

One spell card was then dealt to each player and the rest of the pack returned face down next to the gameboards within reach of all players. With a Character Sheet a Players Hero would record his/her Strength, Stamina and equipment. The spaces on each Character Sheet limited the amount of equipment a Hero may own. Equipment, Gold, Stamina and Strength are marked on each Character Sheet with tokens. These Character Sheets are also used to record the Strength and Stamina of attacking monster. Each Hero in the game had two main characteristics: Stamina and Strength. Stamina represents the Hero's ability to sustain wounds Each Hero starts with the maximums Stamina of 6, which would be reduced by attacks from monsters and falling into traps. Healing potions and spells could be found within the game to restore lost Stamina. Strength represents a Hero's fighting ability which increases with the addition of weapons or armour. All players heroes started the game with a Strength of 1. Each weapon has a particular value so for example a Hero who buys a Sword (+2) and a Shield (+1) would have a Strength of 4.

Inside the game you receive:

Three-level Dungeon The Chambers of Death The Hall of Fear The Crypt of Zagor, (also 22 pieces) 1 Zagor figure, 1 Merchant figure, 1 Third level monster - Flame Dragon, 4 Hero figures: Anvar the Barbarian, Stubble the Dwarf, Braxus the Warrior, Sallazar the Wizard, 4 Character sheets, Barbarian; Wizard; Warrior; Dwarf, 9 First level monsters: 2 Goblins 2 Ores 2 Zombies 3 Skeletons, 6 Second level monsters: 1 Troll, 2 Ogres, 2 Chaos Champions, 1 Hellhorn, 2 Bridges, The Portal of Doom, Skull Hall, 34 Gold coins, 46 Corridor tiles, 16 Room tiles, 55 Spell cards, 24 Treasure chest cards, 10-sided die, 85 Equipment tiles, 4 Stamina tokens, 4 Strength tokens, 4 Monster Strength tokens, 4 Monster Stamina tokens, 4 Hireling tokens, 4 Sword tokens, 4 Chainmail tokens, 4 Shield tokens, 4 Helmet tokens, 4 Axe tokens, 4 Magic ring tokens, 4 Elven boots tokens, 12 Healing potions tokens, 10 Torch tokens, 11 Magic arrow tokens, 4 Mule Tokens.

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