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An Adventure role playing game, designed especially for the mobile internet and SMS. Players adventure through the Shamutanti Hills in search of The Crown of Kings. Sorcery fans will find all their favourite encounters while still being challenged with new adventures and new puzzles.

Outline of the Game

Welcome to Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! You are charged with finding The Crown of Kings, stolen from the King of Analand and taken into the Shamutanti Hills by servants of evil. You must use your wits, your skill in combat and your perseverance to overcome the trials of the wild Shamutanti Hills to track down the Crown and return it!

When you first start play you are able to choose a character. By selecting ‘New Character’ you can then begin a new quest, or choose an existing character to continue your quest. If you are starting a new character, all you have to do is give him a name and then you are ready to begin! Each place you visit in the game has one or more paths that you can follow. You select the path you want to follow by clicking on the appropriate link or button. You have to be careful, however, for once you have made a decision the story will continue and you will not be able to easily go back!

By selecting the Options button at the bottom of each location you can access your character statistics and inventory. This enables you to keep an eye on your Stamina, because if it reaches 0 then as in all FF adventures you will expire in the Wild lands and your quest will be over! If you are getting over your head, you are able to backtrack to the last place your character rested, or even start the game with your Stamina fully replenished!

Combat in the W.A.P version of Sorcery is fought in rounds. In each round you can select three actions, and the monster you fight will do the same. After you confirm that you are happy with your actions, you will see the results of the combat played out on your phone. The objective is always to reduce your opponent’s stamina to 0 while keeping your own. Remember, if the going gets tough you can always run away!

Clever players will be given the opportunity to learn magic and become a Sorcerer! in the WAP version of Sorcery! Magic spells can be cast both in the adventure and when fighting! Cast spells by performing the correct hand gestures in sequence. Make sure you get it right, though, or you may find you’ve summoned a bouquet of flowers when you really wanted a shield!

Many thanks to Joanne Lacey at Digital Bridges for the informaton. ©Steve Jackson 1985, 2003. Published by dbi. © 2003 Digital Bridges Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

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