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"Gathered together in one book - all the meanest monsters, vilest beasts and the cruellest conquerors. Where did they come from? Where are they going? All is revealed in this yearbook.

Titan - a land for only the bravest adventurers - a land of legend, epic battles and heroic deeds. Maps, hints on play and a special solo game are all here for those who seek adventure. Part diary - part gamebook - part guide - this is essential reading for any Fighting Fantasy fan."

Author - Marc Gascoigne, Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone
Map Illustrator - n/a
Cover Illustrator - Terry Oakes
Interior Illustrator - numerous
Setting - n/a
Date - 1992

This book was comprised of three parts, a calendar, a small monster guide with information and articles and lastly a small 200-reference solo adventure, named "Rogue Mage."

The main bulk of the book is devoted to providing a Calendar with the days of each week in the Allansian reckoning first presented in the volume Titan: the Fighting Fantasy World. The Monsters chapter presents information on the various creatures from the Fighting Fantasy series and the chapters with articles provide guides to mapping and a how-to guide to succeeding in an adventure.

Lastly we are provided with the 'ROGUE MAGE'. A small solo adventure in which 'You' find yourself sentenced to a lifetime in prison for stealing food to survive. This sentence is lifted as you are purchased by a mage. However, his whole intention of your purchase is to defeat a rogue mage...

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