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Latest News Tuesday 14th October 2014

Introducing NIGHTSHADE, a new amateur adventure sent in by the talented Mark Lain - Enjoy!

This is the first part of a series of adventures where YOU play the part of a lesser demon known to human demon lore as Pesmagroth, although your real name is beyond the wit and pronunciation limits of the average human. You were imprisoned in a sacred stone, the Sircarstone, decades upon decades ago and have now successfully duped a weak-willed sorcerer into performing the complex (and totally forbidden) dark ritual required to release you from your prison.

Latest News Sunday 12th October 2014

Tin Man Games have been busy with the Fighting Fantasy apps. It seems other commitments have changed the order once more. Following the release of Appointment with FEAR we expected to see The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, however Bloodbones was announced as next up which was not even on the radar initially.

To mix it up even more and keep you on your toes, neither are being released as yet in favour of Caverns of Snow Witch taking pole position in the race for the next release (watching the Sochi Grand Prix as I type).

Latest News Saturday 4th October 2014

View the latest version of the ultimate Fighting Fantasy Checklist and Price Guide 2014 here. If you require a pdf of this guide for personal use then contact the Warlock by e-mail.

Latest News Tuesday 30th September 2014

Would you buy Fighting Fantasy merchandise such as the t-shirt in the photo below (14th September) with the official logo on the front or other such items of clothing or gifts such as a mug or similar. Cast your vote here on facebook or e-mail mail@fightingfantasy.com with your feedback.

Latest News Sunday 28th September 2014

Jonathan Green has finally found enough time to blog about his experiences as the host of Fighting Fantasy Fest 2014.

Latest News Thursday 18th September 2014

Latest News Sunday 14th September 2014

Here is a picture of "the Warlock's envoy of this earthly plane" (in the words of Jonathan Green in YOU ARE THE HERO) at the Fighting Fantasy Fest 2014 last Sunday.

Head over to the facebook page of Jonathan Green where you can see some of the pictures taken for the event. It was a brilliant day for new collectables as well. I not only received my yellow entry backpack which included a convention booklet, 2 dice, a pen, a copy of Forest of Doom, a copy of Blood Royal (Pax Brittania) by Jonathan Green, a badge and a limited edition Zagor miniature by Otherworld Miniatures, I also received my hardback copy of YOU ARE THE HERO (signed!) which is indeed a mighty tome that will take several weeks to read along with a YOU ARE THE HERO eraser, 2 dice and a pencil. I managed to buy a duplicate set of these and a few more different badges made for the event and a Fighting Fantasy Fest poster none the less. Oh and I purchased a limited edition All Rolled Up pouch featuring The Shamutanti Hills artwork by John Blanche.

Due to selling original and new stock of books and collectables all day long I barely got away to see the stands and meet everyone. In addition to Ian Livingstone, Steve Jackson and Jonathan Green I had the pleasure to meet the artists Malcolm Barter, Tony Hough, John Blanche, Steve Luxton, Leo Hartas, Russ Nicholson and Chris Achilleos. Neil Rennison of Tin Man Games and Graham Bottley of Arion Games were also present.

More stories and pictures will follow.

Latest News Monday 8th September 2014

Wow! what a weekend at the Fighting Fantasy Fest. The Warlock was so busy he had no time to blog about it here. It was a fantastic day and well done to Jonathan Green for doing such a grand job. The fans were awesome as well. Come back in the next few days to find out more about what happened in more detail, including links to other material that I will gather for your indulgence. In the meantime follow us on twitter @fightingfantasy and look out for comments on Facebook - Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks. for the latest updates.

Latest News Saturday 6th September 2014

The Warlock is off to the Fighting Fantasy Fest 2014 (Sunday)

This is it. The Warlock has packed his wares onto his wagon and is off to London as soon as this article is published. He will be staying at a local tavern overnight where he will taste the local Orc ale, Guursh or I might even find a Skullbuster at the Fest itself. For those attending tomorrow make sure your purses are full of gold coins to spend at the trading points. Plenty of books will be available to buy. For those who cannot make it, follow us on Twitter and Facebook using #FFF2014 on Sunday. Roll a dice and wish me luck for I am about to embark on a journey that only the brave would dare take on. May my stamina never fail!

Latest News 28th August 2014

Latest News 25th August 2014

With all the various news feeds clogging up your inbox and the decision which one to prioritise, look no further for all Fighting Fantasy news. The Warlock has conjured up a spell and thrown together a newsfeed that will give a daily feed from various popular sources, all (mostly) related to the world of Fighting Fantasy, occasionally you will find other news but it will be related to the Gamebooks, gaming, fantasy and science fiction genres in some way or other. Don't miss out and subscribe now at Paper.li to the Fighting Fantasy Digest.

Read archived news here.


Sorcery! App by Inkle

Sorcery! App by Inkle

Play the Fighting Fantasy Sorcery! Shamutanti Hills iApp on your iPhone! Read all about it HERE.


iPhone & Android Apps by Tin Man Games

iPhone and Android Apps by Tin Man Games

Play the Fighting Fantasy Apps by Tin Man Games on your iPhone and Android devices! Read all about them HERE.


FF Nintendo DS

Nintendo DSDs Wofm

Play Fighting Fantasy on your Nintendo DS! Read more HERE Read more


Kindle The Kindle versions of Fighting Fantasy is only available in the US at the moment. For news on the UK version coming soon click Here.

OUT NOW: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, The Citadel of Chaos, Deathtrap Dungeon, City of Thieves, House of Hell and Creature of Havoc. More information on the Fighting Fantasy series and the Kindle adaptations can be found by visiting the: Worldweaver FF Kindle site.


And in other news

Teaching Aids Check out how to utilise the Fighting Fantasy books a useful teaching resource, particularly with reluctant readers. NEW MATERIAL - JUNE 2012

Rule Guide A guide to assorted core Official Fighting Fantasy rules that have been introduced within the Gamebooks.

Latest Fan Artwork


Beyond The Pit

Beyond the Pit

Fighting Fantasy Downloads


Fighting Fantasy Exclusives


Amateur Adventures by Fans

Amateur Adventures

Beyond the Pit


Fighting Fantasy Beyond the Pit is a brand new definitive companion written to primarily present an exciting new guide to the monsters and creatures of the Gamebook series. A bestiary and in-depth guide that will allow Games Masters to frighten their adventurers with a minimum of work, and provide amateur writers with a resource to build even better amateur adventures.

This area of the Official Fighting Fantasy website has been created as an ongoing project to present the entire resource of all Fighting Fantasy related monsters and encounters in the series past and present. Through this alphabetical index, you can explore all the entries held in Beyond the Pit.

Opinion Polls


Do you have an opinion on the Fighting Fantasy series? Would you like to let us (and other Fighting Fantasy fans and the world) know? Then our Opinion Poll area is for you. Every month we will be updating the polls area with new polls requested by fans. You'll find the most current polls below (and of course across the site) as well as other polls we've run in the past.

You can still vote on all of our polls even if they are not the most current! If you just want to see the results, click the 'Results' button to see the results and not vote.

Book Reviews


Do you have an opinion on the Fighting Fantasy series? Would you like to let us (and other Fighting Fantasy fans and the world) know? Then our Reviews area is for you. We actively encouraged all our fans to write to us with any reviews of the books and submit them for the entire Fighting Fantasy community to read. Whether your a veteran or novice Fighting Fantasy fan, Share your your knowledge about the Fighting Fantasy series, your thoughts about the new covers or the interior illustrations, and your opinions on the story or difficulty of the book. Our reviews page will present all those reviews that have been contributed to us. Send your reviews of Wizards Fighting Fantasy Books to us at:


Book Solutions


Do you have a Fighting Fantasy solution? Then our Solutions area is for you. We actively encouraged all our fans to write to us with any solutions they have written of the books for the entire Fighting Fantasy community to read. Whether your a veteran or novice Fighting Fantasy fan, share your skills about the Fighting Fantasy series:


Amateur Maps


Have you illustrated a Fighting Fantasy Map? Let us know and then send it in as our Maps area is now online. We want to present and post all the best maps (good and bad) online and are now actively encouraging all our fans to email or mail us any maps they have created of the books for the Fighting Fantasy community to read. Whether your a veteran or novice Fighting Fantasy fan, share your drawing skills about the Fighting Fantasy series:


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